How To Get AT&T Scholarships

AT&T Scholarships

The AT&T scholarship offers financial aid which is meant for the children or stepchildren of African-Americans whose parents are listed as regular full-time workers in AT&T and its United States subsidiaries.

The students belong to that group of people who may have the opportunity to obtain an AT&T scholarship when they plan to work on four-year or two-year undergraduate study at a university or college in the United States.

This scholarship is also renewable every year as long as the students can demonstrate the specified or qualified academic achievement. Some individual merit such as leadership skills, work experience and academic of the student will be taken into consideration when he or she decides to apply for the AT&T scholarship.

One of the requirements for this scholarship is that you should be a student of an undergraduate college or at least senior high school. Do not forget that you must have a GPA of at least 3.0 to meet the qualifications. You should also consider your age before deciding to apply for this scholarship, because one must be younger than 25 years old by the time they fill out the application form. Other than that, you should have spent at least two or four years studying at an accredited college or university.

However, the senior managers and officers of AT&T and its United States subsidiaries cannot have their children or their step children apply for this scholarship. Up untill now, there has been more than 600 scholarships  issued a year, and there are 1400 scholarships renewed every year.

The students with this scholarship on hand will receive $1,500 if he or she attends a two-year college. While for the student who attends a four-year college or university will receive $2,500 from the AT&T foundation. AT&T also provides a $2,000 scholarship for those who have a military academy attendance.

How To Get AT&T Scholarships

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In the previous year alone, the AT&T foundation has awarded more than 600 new scholarships with a total amount that reaches out to more than one and a half million US dollars. The scholarships cover many expenses such as books, tuition, supplies, board and room expenses. The major of the study may be determined by the desires of the students.

Therefore, no matter which major you are interested in, you can be awarded by an AT&T scholarship as long as you can meet the requirements. The AT&T scholarships are valid for one full academic year. When the students need the scholarships in the next academic year, they will need to reapply for the scholarship program. They still have some eligibility requirements to meet whenever they wish to be awarded by the AT&T scholarship for the second time.

The organization to be contacted for the AT&T scholarship would be the Scholarship Management Services. It is a national nonprofit organization that provides educational support and student services. The Scholarship Management Services is a division of Scholarship America. This division has been the largest agency who deals with designing and managing the tuition reimbursement and scholarship throughout the nation.

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