National Honors Society Scholarship

If you are one of the students living in a financial hardship, do not ever stop your dream to enter the college that you want because there is always an opportunity. The best way that is to inquire about popular forms of financial aid such as achieving a scholarship, like the National Honors Society Scholarship. Here, more than $10 million has always been awarded by this organization in scholarship money since 1946 and $200,000 will also be provided in college scholarships each year and it is one of most prestigious scholarships that can receive. However, if you want to be selected, you must first meet certain criteria and application procedures.

National Honors Society Scholarship

To be one of the National Honors Society Scholarship winners is not as easy as you may think because every requirement has to be met and even the eligibility must also be demonstrated before even applying for the scholarship. Also, you will be considered to be eligible when the nomination process is already passed making this scholarship impossible to be directly applied for. If the nomination process is already requested to have begun, the student must have an adviser to start the nomination process.

Each chapter will nominate between two and five students and the size of the graduating class will determine the nomination and how many students they will nominate. However, if you are one of the homeschooled students, they will not consider you as eligible and they will never nominate you, so unfortunately home schooled students are ineligible to apply for the National Honors Society Scholarship. Moreover, a college in the United States must be attended by the award winners here.

National Honors Society Scholarship Winners

After they nominate you, a four-page online nomination form needs to be completed. You can save the form which does not need to completed all at one time so take your time when filling out the questions there, and most importantly, do not be in a hurry. Additionally, the National Honors Society Scholarship will also require a $6 application, so prepare for it. The required signatures, letters of recommendation and an original essay which are included in all of the nomination materials and should be prepared and submitted to them by the deadline posted on the site which is usually late January of each year.

However, it should also be known that your financial needs does not matter, but the academic merit will determine everything. Moreover, stellar academics, strong school awareness, and community service and involvement in extracurricular activities like athletics and the arts should be exhibited by the students who want to be selected. The selection is done in April and they will notify the winners in May.

So, if you are interested in applying for the National Honors Society Scholarship, do not hesitate to get more information related to this scholarship today. Noting every requirement asked by them is also important. In the end, don’t make any careless mistakes because even a little mistake will usually make your application discarded by the scholarship organization you apply for. For more information please visit

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