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In this world nowadays, there are infinite names of scholarships and financial aid programs to help students who are troubled by financial matters. It is so ironic to see that there are a lot of students who were not able to continue pursuing their study and attaining their dream careers a reality just because of money. Under this concern, the schools, colleges and universities have decided to provide numerous financial aid and scholarship programs to help their students. Not to mention the infinite names of foundations and institutions that also provide grants and scholarships for students. UML or also known as the University of Massachusetts Lowell is also contributing in this case. In this article, there is a lot of UML financial aid information you can check out.

About The University Of Massachusetts Lowell

It has been the commitment of this university to find qualified students who have excelled in both academic and extracurricular achievements and help them achieve their dream career and their academic goal as well. For decades, this University of Massachusetts Lowell has been serving the educational world in Massachusetts. According to the record last year, this university has spent more than one hundred million dollars in financial aid awards for their students who have a great academic quality.

Undergraduate Students

For undergraduate students, there are various UML financial aid types they can surely apply for. The first type of financial aid for undergraduate students at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, Massachusetts, are grants and waivers. There are also loans and also scholarships for undergraduate students. If you want to apply for this type of scholarship then you can surely take a look at their scholarship office to ask about further requirements, award amount and how to apply.

Graduate Students

In order to apply for graduate students financial aid programs, the students need to complete the FAFSA, or also known as Free Application for Federal Student Aid. For the students with graduate degrees, there is no scholarship program for them. There are only loans and grants that definitely need to be repaid by the graduate students. This condition has already been calculated by the committee since graduate students are typically more independent compared to undergraduate students.

International and Continuing Studies Students

There are also a lot of financial aid programs for International students and continuing studies students. Therefore, for those who want to continue their study either international or at the University of Massachusetts, these financial aid programs are available to help. However, if you want to apply for the scholarship or financial aid programs for continuing studies, students need to complete a FAFSA and have an approval or recommendation letter of certificate program or degree.


If you want to apply for any UML financial aid programs, you need to make sure to give careful attention to the requirements first. It is also important for you to learn about the application steps for each program so you will not miss anything. Lastly, do not forget to keep in mind the submission or deadline so you will be able to submit the application on time. For more information please visit their official website of UML Financial Aid.

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