Hawaii Community Foundation Scholarship

Hawaii Community Foundation Scholarship

The Hawaii Community Foundation is actually one of the definitive names in providing various types of scholarships and financial aid programs to students of Hawaii. This scholarship is especially geared for Hawaiian people or students that attend state high schools. The scholarship foundation has a mission to help the government of Hawaii in solving community issues across the state. By providing the Hawaii Community Foundation Scholarship, it is highly hoped that the level of higher educated Hawaiian residents will be greater and more considerable in the international world.

Hawaii Community Foundation Scholarship

Hawaii Community Foundation Scholarship

About The Hawaii Community Foundation

The Hawaii Community Foundation, or also simply called the HCF, is actually proof of people’s love toward the great state of Hawaii. The creators of the HCF said that they have committed their hearts and their minds into the foundation to help Hawaiian students get a better education through the financial assistance and funding the HCF has prepared. They collect the staffs’ wisdom and also consideration in determining type of funding, programs and also requirements so they can be a useful help for the Hawaiian students. In addition, they also have an applied philanthropic passion and solid analytics to assist the Hawaiian fellows so they can achieve their dreams.

Since 1916, this Hawaii Community Foundation has served over a million students across the entire state of Hawaii. According to their report, it is also reported that there are more than six hundred funds valued at more than forty million dollars under the HCF’s stewardship. This foundation also has awarded more than one thousand and five hundred awards of Hawaii Community Foundation scholarships valued over four million dollars to Hawaiian students. Of course, all of this great history and track records are mainly influenced by a great partnership and works of the committee and staff of the Hawaii Community Foundation.

Hawaii Community Foundation Scholarship

Hawaii Community Foundation Scholarship

The Motto of HCF

The committee of the Hawaii Community Foundation has several mottos that have brought them to a successful track record until today. The first is Connect, which means that this foundation is a place where caring people connect one to another because of the same mission and care. The second is convene, which means that the HCF is considered as a nonprofit foundation or organization that just wants to help the government solve Hawaii’s community issues. The third is leverage, which means that through the philanthropic partnership the HCF will form and can leverage resources. After Leverage there is also Help, which means that HCF always provides professional counselors or advisors who will assist the students to find charitable and suitable solutions. Lastly, there is also Share which means that HCF also shares industry knowledge to their clients so they can gain their effectiveness and level in Hawaii.

Hawaii Community Foundation Scholarship


The Overview

There are numerous types of Hawaii Community Foundation Scholarship programs available for Hawaiian students. The application process is also very simple and easy so every student will be able to apply for their desired scholarship program with no difficulties. Most of the application process is done online therefore it will be practical and efficient as well. If you are eligible to apply for certain scholarship programs then you do not need to hesitate when applying because you can easily obtain the online application form.

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