Left Handed Scholarship Application

In this world, looking for scholarships for left handed students is definitely not an easy task to accomplish. Unlike right handed people who represent more than ninety percent of the population in this world, left handed people are seen as minorities. If you do not have any other special talents or skills then it will definitely be very difficult for to find a suitable scholarship program. Under this concern, finding a left handed scholarship application has really become a hot topic that many people talk about. Therefore, the discussion we are going to have today will be mainly about the left handed scholarship program.

Left Handed Scholarship Application

Apply for Left-Handed Grant

Apply for Left-Handed Grant

The Only One Scholarship for Left Handed Students

In the entire history of the education world, there is only one left handed scholarship that has been trusted and legitimate, of course. The scholarship is called the Mary Francis Beckley Scholarship. This left handed scholarship was named after two left handed students of Juniata College, Frederic Beckley and Mary Francis. These two students were duo left handed tennis players of the college who were very popular at the time. Since the first establishment of this scholarship is 1979, there have been a lot of southpaws who were given this scholarship award valued at about twenty four thousand dollars.

Main Requirements

Before obtaining the left handed scholarship application you need to prepare for the requirements first. Of course, being left handed is not the only requirement the participants need to meet. However, if you are right handed but you still insist in applying for this left handed scholarship then you better think over it completely because it is still the main requirement of this scholarship program. The foremost important requirement aside from being left handed you need to meet is that you must be a southpaw just like Mary Francis Beckley. These two foremost requirements absolutely need reliable references to prove that you are really the person as described.

Lefty or Left-Handed Scholarships

Lefty or Left-Handed Scholarships

Other Requirements

Aside from the previous requirements, there are also other additional requirements you need to meet as well. Certainly, you will not only be required to be left handed but also an excellent student with satisfying academic achievement as well. The minimum GPA you must reach is 3.40 on 4.0 scale. In addition, the leadership ability will also be another additional requirement asked by the scholarship committee so you have to be prepared for this.

Left Handed Scholarship Application

Southpaw Scholarships for Lefties

About Juniata College

Juniata College is a school that is located in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. There are a lot of majors and degree areas offered by this college such as anthropology, sociology, physics, chemistry, and biology. There are also cultures and foreign language majors for those who want to learn about humanity. In simpler words, this college offers a wide variety of educational fields starting from environmental studies, education and teaching, English majors, and also math majors as well. And one more important thing you need to remember about this college is that it offers the rare scholarship for left handed students so if you want to get a chance to get a left handed scholarship application then you need to consider Juniata College.

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