Talbots Women’s Scholarship Fund

Talbots Women’s Scholarship Fund

Not long ago, there was a scholarship created that was specially established for women called the Talbots Womens Scholarship Fund program. This scholarship program was established by Talbots, Inc. Talbots, Inc. has formed the Talbots Charitable Foundation to specifically take care of their scholarship program. The Talbots Charitable Foundation will help people, or women to be exact, who want to get a college degree through this women’s scholarship award. If you are interested in getting to know more about these scholarship awards then you can read this article further. In this article, you will find information and explanations about the scholarship awards offered by Talbots, Inc. and eligibility requirements as well.

The Talbots Women’s Scholarship Program

The Talbots Women’s Scholarship program is meant for women who want to continue their study to an undergraduate level. The eligible study for this scholarship program will be either a vocational technical school, four years or two years university or college. As for a graduate degree, they have to apply for four years in a university or college. There are several types of scholarship awards you can receive with the first scholarship award type is valued at one thousand dollars. The second scholarship award type is valued at ten thousand dollars. The one thousand dollar scholarship award will be awarded to sixty scholarship winners, meanwhile, the ten thousand dollars scholarship award will be awarded to six scholarship winners. However, the ten thousand dollars Talbots Women’s Scholarship Fund will only be eligible for women who are taking bachelor’s degree program.


Talbots Charitable Foundation especially established this Talbots Womens Scholarship Fund program to help women get a better education in this modern era. They established this scholarship primarily based on the women’s financial needs. In addition, the applicants must earn academic achievements during their high school diploma. Furthermore, they also have to earn at least a ten-year GED so they can apply for the scholarship fund program. These are the main requirements of Talbots Women s Scholarship Fund program.

Aside from the main requirements above, there are also several additional criteria you need to learn about first. First of all, the applicants should definitely be female. Secondly, they have to also be listed as Canadian resident or United States citizen. Third, they have to also include the proof that they have already been enrolled in either part-time or full-time degree in the previously mentioned fields. In addition, the applicants should also attend full upcoming academic year. Lastly, they also need to complete a minimum 2 semesters with at least twenty-four credits hours in the beginning.

The Talbots Womens Scholarship Fund award is definitely another scholarship award that will be very advantageous for women. With the existence of this scholarship program, it is highly hoped that the quality of education for women will increase as well. Furthermore, it is also highly believed that this scholarship award will also help lessen the gender discrimination at work somehow so women race can definitely get brighter future with better job, of course.

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