Navy Medical School Scholarships

For those who study in the medical field, the United States Navy provides several financial aid programs and scholarship programs to help them. These Navy medical school scholarship programs will completely compensate the students with an advanced education in medical fields that are being offered in your area. They are primarily based on your financial and also individual needs, qualifications. You will be assisted by the Navy medical recruiters so you can find a suitable scholarship program that meets your qualifications and requirements. In this article you will find three examples of Navy medical school scholarships or financial aid programs that can help you continue pursuing your study in the medical field, so do not stop reading to learn further about this matter.

Navy Financial Assistance Program

Navy FAP or Financial Assistance Program was specially established for those who want to pursue their dream of becoming a Navy physician. During your residency after you have completed your medical school, the Navy Financial Assistance Program will offer a 6 figure payment. The medical scholarship will give you a monthly stipend for covering your living expenses and also annual grant as award money that will cover your study for four years. Based on the individual situation you have, the Navy medical recruiter will estimate the exact figures you will receive. After the Navy medical recruiter has your exact figures then they will be able to determine how much award you will receive in this case.

Navy Health Services Collegiate Program

Another example of Navy medical school scholarship program available out there is Navy HSCP or Navy Health Services Collegiate Program. For those students who are attending medical school will be the ones who are eligible for this medical school scholarship program. Upon an interview, the Navy medical recruiter will determine whether or not you are eligible and also if you are eligible to receive the one-time 6 figure. This scholarship will really give you the greatest help because it will give the scholarship recipient comprehensive health insurance, monthly housing allowance, and also monthly salary as well. Amazing isn’t it? In addition, this scholarship will not also require the scholarship recipients to work or perform Navy duties unless they have really completed their study years.

Navy Health Professions Scholarship Programs

Navy HPSP or also known as Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program is another Navy medical scholarships program that has been offered for many years already by the US Navy.  Upon college graduation, college students who want to enroll to any civilian medical schools in the United States will be eligible to apply for this medical school scholarship program. As the same as the scholarship winners of the previous Navy Health Services Collegiate Program, the winners of this scholarship program will not also be required to attend Navy Duties until their study is complete. If your qualifications perfectly match the requirements, it is possible for you to get one hundred percent coverage for the whole years of your study. Not to also mention the financial bonus that may also be given, this Navy medical school scholarship program is the best, isn’t it? 

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