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As one of the infinite colleges and universities in this world, especially in the United States, UC Davis is also considered as one college of great quality and record as well. Not only does this college offer a great college education but also help as well. They want to create an affordable college education for their students even though their family has difficult financial situation and needs. Under this concern, they have already established numerous UCDavis financial aid programs for their students with financial needs. They hope that with the help of this financial aid, their students with low income will not have to worry about financial problems, and just focus on their study.

UCDavis Financial Aid: The Eligible Applicants

The eligible applicants who can apply for this financial aid are, of course, the students of UC Davis. It is said that more than seventy percent of all undergraduate students at UC Davis received financial assistance in several forms, including in the form of grants and scholarship programs. The scholarship program is indeed established to help students who are working towards an undergraduate degree. In addition, this financial aid from UC Davis will also help parents so they do not have to struggle to pay for the tuition or school fees for their children.

The Basic Formula Of UCDavis Financial Aid

The basic formula of UCDavis financial aid programs is mainly focusing on the financial needs of the student. The financial need itself is determined from the calculation of the EFC and also cost of attendance. What is EFC? EFC stands for Expected Family Contribution, which is the financial contribution your family or parents are able to give you. The United States Department of Education will be the one who determines this EFC. If you want to calculate or estimate your EFC then you can try using UC Davis Net Price Calculator or the College Board’s online calculator. With this kind of EFC calculator you can surely know whether or not you are eligible to apply for the financial aid.

The Available Financial Aid Types Of UCDavis Financial Aid

There are a lot of financial aid types offered by UC Davis you can apply for. The first type of financial aid offered by UC Davis is federal government financial aid. There are several names such as Pell Grants, Cal Grants or Supplemental Opportunity Grants and also UC Grants which are specifically provided by UC Davis College. Aside from federal grants, you can also try applying for their Federal Work-study programs. With this kind of financial aid program you can get financial help while increasing your work experience.

Aside from the previous UCDavis financial aid types above, there are also other types of financial aid program you can surely receive. For example, you can also get loan programs that can help you ease your expenses. This type of financial aid is typically easier to apply for so there are a lot of students who applied for it. In addition, there are also scholarship programs for students with excellent academic achievements. Usually, scholarships do not require the student to payback the loan.

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