Scholarships For College Freshmen 2017

This year in 2014, there are a lot of scholarship programs that can be applied for by college freshmen. Entering college indeed takes a lot of thought and also money as well. Hence, if you are planning on continuing your study into a college or university then you need to learn further about scholarships for college freshmen 2017 that can help you ease the monthly expenses later on. In this article, you can take a look at several ideas for scholarship programs that pertain to college freshmen. Hopefully it can help in the future.

US Bank Internet Scholarship Program

The first idea of scholarship programs for college freshmen is the US Bank Internet Scholarship Program. This scholarship program will select forty scholarship winners to be awarded one thousand dollars. The students who are eligible for this scholarship program are those who have already been enrolled in a university or college and seniors in high school. However, the schools or colleges must be listed as participants of the US Bank No Fee Loan Program to be eligible for the scholarship program. In addition, the participants should also be a citizen or permanent resident of United States. One thing that is different from this scholarship program is that the winners will be randomly selected so you do not need to meet any academic achievement to grab the chance.

Posse Scholarship

Another example of Scholarships for College Freshman 2017 you can also check out is the Posse Scholarship. This scholarship program is awarded to seniors in high school who have financial needs. This scholarship was created to assist students in low-income areas who are not able to get into college mainly because of financial problems. This scholarship programs was established to help those students with financial disadvantages. However, the students cannot recommend themselves to be the participants of this scholarship. They have to be recommended for their motivation, teamwork and also leadership ability as well.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund is definitely another scholarship program that can be applied for by college freshmen this year. However, as its name may have already told you, the purpose of this scholarship was especially established for students of Hispanic heritage, hence, if you do not have Hispanic heritage it means that you are not eligible for this scholarship program. In addition, students have to be legal citizens of United States and permanently living in certain designated metropolitan areas. The participants of this scholarship program should be enrolled in a full-time or four-year college and also complete a FAFSA.

American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship

The last scholarships for college freshmen 2017 you need to know is the American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship. This scholarship is usually famous associated with the name AFSA Scholarship, which is especially established for legal citizens or residents of United States who are in their senior year high school. The applicants of this scholarship program should complete a test about automatic fire sprinklers so they will be given an essay with the same topic as a reference. The winners of the scholarship award can use the awarded money for books and tuition fees.

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