How PG&E Powers The Communities Through PG&E Scholarship

PG&E has been an integral part of the society as their employees live together with many other people in the same place. The PG&E Employee Resource Group is a means used by the employees in engaging with the communities. Through the group, hopefully, the customers may find it easily to communicate with each other without having to consider their cultural background, gender, age. One of the service provided by the Employee Resource Groups is the PG&E scholarship.

How PG&E Scholarship Bring The Power

For those who wish to have a higher education may have the opportunity to be awarded the scholarship PG&E considers there is some other important way to give the communities more power beside providing electricity and gas. That is to give the communities the education, knowledge to elevate them. PG&E sees a hidden treasure inside every individual and yet can only be found when the individual is provided with the right educational opportunity. Once the individual finds their way to fulfill their educational need, he or she will be able to bring more power to the society.

Acknowledging the precious necessity of education for each individual, PG&E decided to provide the PG&E scholarship for those who desire to pursue a higher education. You should be at least 16 years old to be awarded this scholarship and either a graduate or a senior high school student. Some other requirements will be a GED certification. The students in current post secondary undergraduate are also eligible for the PG&E scholarship.

How PG&E Powers The Communities Through PG&E Scholarship

This scholarship is meant only for those who live in the PG&E service area. PG&E scholarship will be awarded to the individuals who attend an undergraduate study at a two-year or four-year college or university for a full academic year.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company has invested up to one million dollars through the PG&E scholarship. The company has appointed the PG&E Corporation Foundation as the one to manage and deliver the scholarship. In order to make it easier for the qualified individual to get this scholarship, the PG&E scholarship is also accessible through an online application.

You need to provide all the needed information about yourself before going online to fill out the application on the website. Read all the instructions very carefully in every section of the application in order to avoid getting disqualified for the incomplete or incorrect information. When an individual is successfully awarded the PG&E scholarship, he or she will be provided with around $30,000 a year as financial assistance. While for those who do not win yet succeed to become the program finalists, they will be awarded with a $2,500 scholarship a year.

There has been hundreds of students who received PG&E scholarships since 1989. The qualified students come from many places throughout central and northern California. They have received the financial aid for more than $2.5 million. The PG&E company has trusted the Scholarship Management Service to manage the PG&E scholarship program.

As most of you already know that it is the largest scholarship manager in the country. It is one of the divisions in Scholarship America who is very experienced in dealing with individuals, foundations, associations and corporations.

Student Scholarships Information:

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