Weird Scholarships: You Might Need to Try It if You are Eligible

Weird Scholarships

Various kinds of scholarships are available for every student with specific requirements and weird scholarships are no different! You will find they are available with different conditions that make them different when compared to other scholarships. Since you might be the one that looks for any kind of scholarship program available, one of these weird scholarships might be suitable for you.

Before you might go further with one of those weird scholarships, you need to get further information of each of those scholarships. It might not be the one that will need common things to be fulfilled. Instead, there will be totally different details of each scholarship program that you can find here. If you might one of the students who are quite excited to read more about what those weird scholarships are about, this page will provide even more information about those scholarships. You will find that everything on this web page is clear and easy to understand as you will get every detail of those scholarship programs available.

Weird Scholarships – More About Each Scholarship Program

With further details available for different programs, these are some of those weird scholarships with different details and requirements. You might find that you are suited for one of those scholarship programs, but it will not be that simple as you need to see more details that are required to be an eligible applicant for each weird scholarship program. Though they might come with quite confusing conditions to meet, they will be quite interesting scholarship program to research.

Tall Clubs International Scholarship

With different requirements for every student, this is the one that will be suitable for those with a tall height. The only qualification to be eligible for this scholarship, is that you need to a male that is 6’ 2’’ or taller. If you are female, you will be allowed to enroll in this program as long as you are 5’ 10’’ or taller. In addition to this height requirement, you need also write an essay entitled “What Being Tall Means to Me.” The grand prize for this scholarship is $1,000.

Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache Of The Year (SAMMY) Award

Unlike the other programs that are available with quite specific requirements, this scholarship program will be available with a quite competitive academic achievement. 3.20 GPAs are required in order to be eligible for this weird scholarship program. However, it will be available to you if you meet one requirement. You need to participate in school or club sports.

Van Valkenburg Memorial Scholarship

If you find those two other scholarship programs are weird enough for you, this scholarship program will be a bit weirder than two other scholarships you have seen. This scholarship program will let you win $1,000 in a very easy way. You don’t need to have a high GPA or write an essay. Instead, you will only need to be a descendant through birth or legal adoption of Lambert and Annetje Van Valkenburg. Those weird scholarships will give you some different requirements to fulfill that you might never find with the other common scholarship.

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