Scholarship For Chemistry Majors

Scholarship For Chemistry Majors

In addition to science, chemistry is also a high demand field. We all know that chemistry is needed in many institutions. Many institutions are constantly seeking innovative and talented chemists.

Companies are always seeking professional chemists. Off course, the best chemist careers require a fairly high level of education.

To achieve the best chemistry career, you need a foundation to add insight. Scholarships are the best program for it. There are a variety of scholarships available to students majoring in chemistry and chemical sciences. The scholarship information below can help you fund your education. If you are in need of finding a Scholarship For Chemistry Majors, then this article is for you.

Here are the best scholarships for chemistry majors:

Scholarship For Chemistry Majors

Chemistry Scholarships 2014

–          Pre-doctoral fellowship in pharmaceuticals

Pre-doctoral fellowship in pharmaceuticals is sponsored by the pharmaceutical research and manufacturers of America foundation. The program is designed for applicants who expect to complete their PhD in pharmaceuticals in two years or less. If you want to follow this program, the requirements include that you must have a bachelor’s, master’s or PhD degree in pharmacy or a related area such as chemistry or biology, and be a residence PHD enrolled in a school or pharmacy accredited by the American Council and must be a full-time student.

–          Rubber division undergraduate scholarships

Rubber division offers $5.000 scholarships to chemistry students pursuing careers in the rubber industry. The eligibility requirement includes a student must be a junior or senior and must be majoring in chemistry, polymer science, or chemical engineering. A student also must have at least B average to qualify.

Chemistry Scholarships and Grants

Chemistry Scholarships and Grants

–          ACS scholars program

ACS scholars program is awarded in amounts of up to $5.000 per year. For eligibility requirements, the student must be African-American, Native American, or Hispanic/Latino. In addition, the student must be a US citizen or permanent resident, must have GPA of 3.0, must be full-time, and must demonstrate financial need. Pre-med or pharmacy students are not eligible.

–          American meteorological society for freshman undergraduates scholarship

The American meteorological society freshman undergraduate scholarship is designed to prove the importance of atmosphere and related sciences. For eligibility requirements, the student must be entering his or her freshmen year of college as a full-time student and have plans to study atmospheric or related oceanic hydrologic sciences. This is a very effective Scholarship For Chemistry Majors.

Chemistry Science Major College

Chemistry Science Major College

–          American council of independent laboratories scholarship

American council of independent laboratories scholarship is designed to encourage students to join the laboratory testing community which often struggles to keep technical personnel. This scholarship is perfect for you, if you have an undeniable passion for engineering. The eligibility requirements include majoring in any physical science such as engineering, biology, environmental science, physics, chemistry, geology, must be at least a junior in a four year, bachelor degree or graduate program in the US.

–          Charles C price fellowship in polymer history

This scholarship is a unique chemistry scholarship that provides the winner with access to the chemical heritage foundation’s polymer library of chemical history. The fellowship is more academic than scientific. To meet the eligibility requirements, the student must be in any pre- or postdoctoral student. The Charles C Price fellowship is one of the most sought after Scholarship For Chemistry Majors.

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