Atheist Scholarships

Atheist Scholarships for College Students

Everyone deserves to be awarded a scholarship. No matter who you are, whether you believe in a religion or are a non-believer.

There are many scholarships for people who are members of various religions and others that are especially for atheists. If you are an atheist there are definitely scholarships tailored just for you. Many atheist scholarships fall into categories such as gender, ethnicity, and type major.

There are a few scholarships out there for atheist students aiming to pursue their college education while being proud of their decision of non belief. Here are some examples below of Atheist Scholarships that are available to be applied for by non-believers.

–          Freedom from religion foundation

This is one of the foundations that provides scholarships for atheist students. The Freedom From Religion Foundation or also known as FFRF is an educational charity which has done it is part in awarding scholarship to deserving student activities for many years.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation will help recognize the challenges faced by students who consider themselves to be atheist. The foundation knows firsthand that staying true to one’s character and standing firm on certain issues which can even set back an individual’s goal.

The scholarship program that is offered through the Freedom From Religion Foundation seeks to make sure that such students get the financial assistance to further his or her education. The scholarship provides help with their college education and helps make sure that future career goals to go uninterrupted.

The foundation offers three scholarships. One for college bound high school students, one for undergraduate college students under the age of 25, and the last scholarships for graduate students over the age of 25.

The scholarship that is offered is based on various factors. If you want to apply for this scholarship, you must meet the criteria and requirements. The scholarship is awarded to applicants with financial needs and other achievement.

The money needed to replenish the scholarships will come from donations made by FFRF members which is tax-deductible. New members are always encouraged to join in order to not only help make donations to the atheists but also help further the group’s cause and mission.

–          American Atheist Inc

Another scholarship that is offered for atheist students comes from the organization called American Atheist Inc. American Atheist, Inc is probably the best known atheist organization in the U.S. There are three scholarship winners that are awarded a year to students who will be enrolled in college in the up-coming year.

American Atheist Inc offers three scholarships in the amount of $2000 and $1000. These awards are available to both high school seniors and those attending college. If you want to apply for this scholarship, you must be atheist and have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.5.

A GPA of 2.5 is required. The winner of the scholarship is determined by evaluating the individual’s activism with respect to the atheist viewpoint. The scholarships will be awarded based on the applicant’s record of activism in promoting a positive image of atheism, state and/ or atheist’s civil liberties, and the separation of church.

The scholarships are awarded in the amount of $1000 to $2000. One $2000 scholarship and two $2000 scholarships are awarded each year.

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