College board Scholarships

College Board Scholarships Programs

College Board Scholarships was founded in 1900. They are a not for profit memberships organization that connects student success and opportunity. College Board was created to expand access to higher education.

The memberships association is made of up to 6000 of the world’s leading educational institutions that are dedicated in promoting excellence and equity in education.

College Board Scholarships

College board is one of the best organizations to help further a students education. Each year, they help millions of students prepare for a successful transition to college to programs and services in college readiness and college success include SAT and AP.

By taking the PSAT, you may qualify to enter the competitions for a prestigious scholarships and participate for the programs. As a cosponsor of the SAT, they receive all student’s scores. If you do not want your scores to be released to other identification programs, you can contact them.

–          National Hispanic recognition program

The National Hispanic recognition program is to identify outstanding Hispanic or Latino high school students and to share information about students with the interested colleges. To be eligible, the applicant must be at least one-quarter Hispanic or Latino as defined by the NHRP and meet the minimum SAT cutoff score for the state. And another requirement to be eligible is based on the minimum grade point average. For more information and learn more about qualifying for the NHRP, visit

–          The Telluride Association

The telluride association offers scholarships to gifted juniors for summer seminars in the social sciences. For more complete information, you can visit or come directly at 217 West Avenue, Ithaca, NY 14850.

–          The National Scholarships Services

National scholarships services offer a free college advisory and referral services for students who plan to attend two or four-year colleges. For more complete information, write to national scholarships services located at 980 Martin Luther king drive, SW po box 11409, Atlanta, GA 30310.

–          National merit scholarships corporation

If you in the eleventh grade of high school, you can enter NMSC competitions by taking the PSAT. National merit Scholarships Corporation is use the selection index score on the PSAT as an initial screen of program entrants and to designate groups of students to be honored in the competitions. For more complete information, you can visit

In addition, College Board also provides for higher education institution and kindergarten through 12th grade. The College Board scholarships program provides students with college opportunities, scholarships, and financial support to help the students attain a higher education.

College Board scholarships serve more than 3800 colleges and universities, 7 million students and parents, policymakers on the national and state levels, and people in 180 countries and territories.

College Board collaborates with corporations, foundations, federal government and philanthropists to support equity and research in education. They strive to ensure that every student has the opportunity to prepare for this wonderful journey in academics.

They are committed to increasing the number of students by working with middle schools, high schools, community colleges, state education agencies, policymakers, and four year colleges to achieve this mission.

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