Kamehameha Schools Scholarships

Kamehameha schools scholarships for college

The Kamehameha school financial aid and scholarships services department provides financial assistance to all, but always gives preference to students of Hawaiian ancestry. With financial assistance, it can help for further her or his education.

Kamehameha Schools Scholarships

Financial support is awarded through various Kamehameha programs such as post high scholarships (imi na auao, kapili oihana internship program, hana lima scholarship), preschool (kamehameha school preschool, and pauahi keiki scholars preschool), and kindergarten through grade 12 programs (summer school, kamehameha schools kindergarten 12th grade financial aid, ks kipona scholarship program).

Kamehameha Post high scholarships

Kamehameha Schools Scholarships

Kamehameha Schools Scholarships for College

The Post high scholarship program is to help the young keiki but they also have scholarship to help people that are pursuing undergraduate and post baccaureate degrees. You can find out at http://apps.ksbe.edu/finaid/scholarships for more complete information.

–          Na ho okama a pauahi

Na ho okama a pauahi no longer is accepting scholarship applications for the 2013-2014 academic year. The application deadline was Monday, April 22, 2013. Application the 2014-2015 academic years will be available in January 2014. For more complete information and how to apply, visit http://apps.ksbe.edu/finaid/scholarships/na_hookama.

–          Imi na auao

Kamehameha Schools Scholarships

Kamehameha Schools Scholarship Program

Imi na auao is a merit based scholarship available to post baccalaureate students. The amount of this scholarship award varies with factors that depend on the availability of Kamehameha schools funds. The awarding is limited. If you want to apply, you can visit http://apps.ksbe.edu/finaid/scholarships/imi_naauao.


–          Kamehameha school preschool

Kamehameha School provides scholarships for higher education through it is financial aid and scholarship services department to qualified native Hawaiians. Check out www.ksbe.edu/finaid for more complete information and how to apply.

–          Pauhi keiki scholars

Pauhi keiki scholars is a need based scholarship for eligible keiki who are planning to attend select non kamehameha preschools in Hawaii. There are two funding cycles for Pauhi keiki scholars. For applying, you can visit http://apps.ksbe.edu/finaid/preschool/pauahi_keiki_scholars.

–          Kapili oihana internship stiped

Post High School Scholarships

Post High School Scholarships

Kapili oihana are administered and awarded by KS financial aid and scholarship services. Stipends are available to applicants at the eligible KOIP internship. Click http://apps.ksbe.edu/finaid/scholarships/kapili_oihana for more information regarding the kapili oihana internship program.

–          Hana lima scholarship

Hana Lima scholarship provides financial assistance to students participating in a vocational or technical education programs.  These scholarships are available to students in vocational programs that lead to a specific segment of employment.

Hana lime scholarship is a need based award with preferences given to nontraditional students. These scholarships are no longer accepting applications at this time for Spring 2013 term.

Kindergarten through grade 12 programs Kipona

–          Kipona is need based scholarship for eligible keiki entering kindergarten. If you meet the eligibility requirement and would like to apply, visit http://apps.ksbe.edu/finaid/K-12th_Grade/Kipona.

–          Kamehameha schools k-12 provides for student attending it is three k12 campuses to make education more affordable. These financial aid programs are given to cover other costs include tuition, meals, and fees.

–          Summer school

Summer school offers financial aid to qualified applicant award covers tuition, bus transportation, and lunch. You may apply online or with a paper application. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can click apply at http://apps.ksbe.edu/finaid/programs/summer_school_aid. As you can see, there are many Kamehameha Schools Scholarships available for students to apply for. Good Luck!

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