Mary Gates Research Scholarship

Mary Gates Research Scholarship program information

Mary gates research scholarships are competitive scholarships planned to enhance the education experiences of undergraduate student at university of Washington. With the research scholarships, the student may focus more attention and time, project with a reduced financial burden, and keeping their inquiry into a discipline.

Mary Gates Research Scholarship

If you think you need the scholarships, you might to apply to this program. With the scholarship it can help the student with the financial need. The student receives research scholarship to pursue research in a variety of disciplines.

In 2012-2013 Mary gates research scholarships offer two application process include one in winter quarter and one in autumn quarter. The scholarship awarded range from $4000 and disburse in installment of $2000 each over two quarters. For the senior who wants to apply in winter 2013 and graduating in spring 2013 may request to receive a one-quarter award totaling $2000 for spring quarter.

Mary Gates Research Scholarship

How to Research Scholarships

Scholar requirements

–          The students are required to present the work at the undergraduate research program’s annual undergraduate research symposium in May. If student are unable to participate in the symposium the year receive the scholarship, the student are expected to present the following year.

–          For the duration of the award period, the student must continue to be actively engaged with the research project and faculty mentor and remain a full time undergraduate student.

–          The student will be asked to complete one or two brief surveys during the award period.

Eligibility requirement

For the student wants to apply to this scholarship, be sure to meet the requirement. Here are the several things to meet the criteria

–          The applicant must already be engaged in research with faculty by the beginning of the quarter in which they apply.

–          The applicant must be matriculated UW undergraduate students registered full time at least 12 credits during the award period.

–          Eligibility for previous Mary gates scholarship recipients

  1. Student are not eligible to apply for a third award of that scholarship type if have received the same type of Mary gates scholarship twice.
  2. The students are eligible for a total of three research and leadership scholarship.
  3. Reviewers will evaluate these applicants using additional criteria if the previous Mary gates research scholarship recipients are eligible to apply for a second award.

–          The applicant can’t receive Mary gates leadership scholarship and Mary gates research scholarship at the same time.

–          You can apply to the scholarship is you have other scholarship, award, fellowship, and stipends. However, you may not be eligible to receive the full of this award.

Mary Gates Research Scholarship

Mary Gates Research Symposium

How to apply

–          If you are interested to apply Mary gates research scholarship, you can begin by perusing all the materials on the website pertaining to the research scholarship. You may also find the profiles of past Mary gates scholarship recipients informative.

–          Begin with the applicant instruction when you are ready to prepare your application. Find out what you will need in order to apply.

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