Continue to Higher Education with Scholarships for Christian Students

After you finish your high school education you may want to attend or apply for a higher education. Whether you want to choose to study in Christian Schools or Universities and dedicate your life in ministry by attending a theology school or if you want to study in the secular field; you may qualify to receive scholarships for Christians especially for Christian students. In this article we will provide you with some useful information about scholarships for Christians and how to fulfill the requirements. We will be glad to help you with this kind of information.

List Of Scholarships For Christians Students:

Champions For Christ Foundation

The first scholarship for Christians which you can find is the Champions for Christians Foundation.  This scholarship has been around since 1986 and it provides financial aid for people who want to dedicate their life in the ministry and become a full timer. To receive the information about this scholarship, you could contact or visit the foundation at:

Champions for Christ Foundation

P.O. Box 786

Greenville, SC 29602-0786

(864) 294-0800

Christian Scholarship Foundation

The second scholarship for Christians which can help your education expense comes from the Christian Scholarship Foundation. If you have a plan to continue your doctorate study in universities and seminaries, especially in the theology field; then this foundation will provide some financial aid that surely will help your education expenses. To get this scholarship, you need to fulfill some requirement like finishing at least one year of study to attain a doctoral to be considered as a candidate for the scholarship award. But they will only pick three to five Christian students each year to receive this scholarship. To know more about this foundation and how to get a chance at the scholarship then you need to contact or visit:

Christian Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

668 Clifton Road, N.E.

Atlanta, GA 30307


Health Careers Scholarship Program

The third scholarship for Christians comes from the Health Careers Scholarship Program. If you wish and intend to continue to a higher education in the health faculty or universities then this program surely will help your education with financial aid. This scholarship program comes from The International Order of the King’s Daughters and Sons and they provide it for Canadian and American citizens only. For the requirement, you need to study in health field in such programs such as occupational therapy, dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing or physical medicine. In addition, the amount of scholarship money will vary each year. To know more about this program, you need to contact or visit:

International Order of King’s Daughters and Sons

P.O. Box 1017

Chautaugua, NY 14722

(716) 357-4951

United Church Of Christ

The last scholarship for Christians today comes from the United Church of Christ. This church provides financial aid or scholarships for their church members plus their children especially if they want to continue their education to a higher level such as a university. There are some requirements that you need to fulfill to get the scholarship like be a student under the age of 25 with a GPA of at least 3.00 and a few more. If you ever receive this scholarship, you also could apply for the second time for future enrollment. To know more about the scholarship from the United Church of Christ, just contact or visit them at:

United Church of Christ

National Office

700 Prospect Ave.

Cleveland, Ohio 44115


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