Many Kinds of ELKS Scholarship 2017 Programs

ELKS Scholarship 2017 Programs

Many Kinds of ELKS Scholarship 2017 Programs

Many companies and foundations try to provide some help to the community. This serves as a gift that can make the community better. One of those foundations is the ELKS foundation.

The ELKS provide many lounges that spread all across America totaling more than two thousand. Each and everyone are free to visit these welcoming places. Inside you will find swimming pools, access to golf courses, and places where people from all over the neighborhood gather around to have fund and share their meals.

What is ELKS scholarship of 2017?

ELKS Scholarship 2017 Programs

The most valuable student scholarship many kinds of ELKS scholarship 2017 Programs

With more than eight hundred and fifty thousand members across the country in all of the ELKS lounges, this place has created a community of its own. This community then wants to give more to their neighborhood on a national and local scale, which is why they created ELKS scholarship of 2017.

The amount of ELKS scholarships 2017 provide is as many as 3.74 Million dollars and it continues to be given each year. This scholarship is provided for young ELKS to help them achieve the highest education that they deserve.

To be able to apply for the ELKS scholarship in 2017, all young ELKS must go to one of the local ELKS lounge in their neighborhood to learn the requirements and to properly apply..

Elks National Foundation for Scholarship Program

Elks National Foundation for Scholarship Program

Many kinds of ELKS scholarship 2017 Programs

The ELKS scholarship 2017 programs are divided into three programs which we will discuss here. Each of these programs has their own requirements as well as their own application deadline so you should pay close attention to these programs carefully to decide which one you would like to apply for.

The most valuable student scholarship within the ELKS scholarship 2017 Programs

This first scholarship is dedicated for the high school senior student that wants to get higher education for their future.  This scholarship allows the student to seek less student loans so they would not be burdened after they graduate from college.

The first scholarship was given in 1933 with one thousand dollar each for two students. The students applying for this scholarship has to show their outstanding school record as well as leadership knowledge and community service experience.

The scholarship is given for four years of study to guarantee the recipient would be able to complete their study.

ELKS scholarship 2017 Programs

ELKS scholarship 2017 Programs

The Legacy Award of ELKS scholarship v Programs

This program is made as a service to the member of the ELKS. The ones who are eligible for this award are the grandchildren or children of current active members of the ELKS. This award is also given for all four years to fund the recipients in college.

Emergency Educational Grant are included in the ELKS scholarship 2017 Programs

ELKS Scholarship 2017 Programs

ELKS scholarship 2017 Programs Winners

This scholarship is made for children of ELKS members who have passed away or who are disabled and cannot provide for their children’s tuition. This scholarship is given annually but the recipient could still renew this scholarship for up to three times with application while they continue their study.

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