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It used to be that only private companies, and federal or government entities funded scholarships. Today there are many foundations out there that have become financial aid resources which help many students with their education tuition and other college and university expenses. One of the best foundations that help students to continue to higher education levels is namely the Ty Cobb Scholarship program from Ty Cobb Education Foundation. For detailed information about this scholarship program, we will share plenty of information about the Ty Cobb Scholarship program and the Ty Cobb Education Foundation as our main topic for this article, so enjoy!

What is Ty Cobb Educational Foundation?

The Ty Cobb Educational Foundation was founded by Tyrus R. Cobb with a goal to help individuals who want to continue to a higher education at the university or college level but he or she needs financial aid.  And the individual must be a capable and deserving resident in the state of Georgia.

In addition, the scholarship program is offered for students who want to enroll to an accredited and reputable full-time university or college program. Moreover, the students who receive the Ty Cobb Scholarship award do not have any obligation to the Ty Cobb Educational foundation, but they are welcome make some contributions to the Ty Cobb Educational Foundation pending the foundation will give their permission. Contributions must meet the conditions or circumstances from Ty Cobb Educational Foundation.

What is Ty Cobb Scholarship and how about the requirement of Ty Cobb Scholarship program?

The Ty Cobb Educational Foundation offers Ty Cobb Scholarship program for students in Georgia who want to enroll full-time accredited college and university. The applicant who receives the award can renew their scholarship for one year or more. But the award of Ty Cobb Scholarship program only can be used for one academic year. Moreover, the scholarship is offered to undergraduate college students and professional students who pursue an MD degree or dentistry.

Take a note that this scholarship is only eligible for students in Georgia but they could choose to enroll in college whether in Georgia or out-of-state. After you receive the Ty Cobb Scholarship award and pick the institution, you can not switch to other institutions except with permission from the Ty Cobb Educational Foundation.

In addition, if you receive the Ty Cobb Scholarship award, they will directly send your funding to the college or university which you have chosen. Also, you need to complete the application form, documents and qualify for other important stuff such as Grade Average Point from your recent semester before June 15. Please, remember that the Ty Cobb Educational Foundation will cancel your funding if you do not meet the requirements for financial aid anymore.  Keeping your GPA up is important, or a suspension of the scholarship will be enforced.

If you can continue demonstrate your financial need, you can renew your Ty Cobb Scholarship by completing a renewal application form, FAFSA, your parent’s tax report or your tax report,  and recommendation from your college or university, and your college or university transcripts.

If you want to search the detailed information or want to submit your application then please go to their official website at www.tycobbfoundation.com.

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