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Winning a scholarship award is definitely a great moment in our life. With the award money you will surely be able to promote your study and eliminate the financial problems you experienced previously. However, we all know that the amount of the scholarship award a winner will receive is different from one student to another and from one to another scholarship program. The amount is typically determined by the income, assets and financial needs of the students and the award platform of the scholarship itself. Hence, if you are curious on how much money you will receive then you can use the help of financial aid calculator or estimator, like Cornell’s.

Cornell financial aid calculator is a tool to help the students calculate the scholarship awards they will receive based on their backgrounds and the scholarship program they applied for. In this post, we are going to teach you further about the Cornell financial aid estimator or calculator so you will know how to best use it in the future.

Financial Aid Calculator Features

This financial aid estimator or calculator is provided by Cornell University for their students who want to apply for any scholarship programs provided by Cornell. As it has been stated previously, the amount of scholarship award that the student will receive will widely vary so you need to use a financial estimator or calculator to help you find out the estimated amount. There are several features of the Cornell financial aid calculator you can learn from this article.

  1. Firstly, this Cornell financial aid calculator will be useful for those who want to apply for a scholarship that uses either Cornell’s institutional method or federal method for calculating the amount of EFC or known as Estimated Family Contribution.
  2. Secondly, this financial aid estimator provided by Cornell is also able to estimate the components of financial aid you want to apply for later on.
  3. Thirdly, it is also comes complete with EFC projections that have been adjusted for inflation from year to year.
  4. Fourthly, this financial aid calculator is also able to estimate possible what-if scenarios the student may experience. The report for the financial aid estimation results are also printable so you can have a copy for yourself.

Important Notes

Before you access the Cornell financial aid estimator, there are several notes you need to always keep in mind. First, this financial aid calculator is only meant for permanent residents and citizens of the United States who are studying for undergraduate degrees. Second, you need to also know that the estimated amount of financial award you will receive will not be calculated based on merit awards but financial needs that have been demonstrated by the participants. It means that the result will be highly determined by the information you have provided.

This tool of the Cornell financial aid calculator is indeed very useful for those who want to apply for scholarship programs offered by this university. With the help of this financial aid estimator you will know the estimated amount of financial aid you will receive from the scholarship or financial assistance program.

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