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You must have realized that things which people owned a long time ago that may not have been that precious, later in time it proved to be very valuable.  That kind of thing is what we call an antique.

There are many kinds of antiques that you could find such as vast, coin, post card, stamp, pottery, jewelry, painting, gem, and many other type of collections.

About The Big Dig Scholarship

With that in mind have you ever seen things which we think are not very valuable now, but might be valuable in the future? Maybe you could bury something today and two hundred years from now your great grand children might dig it up from your backyard and see that it is indeed very valuable. Would you really bury something in your backyard?

If you ever think that way you are not alone because the antique also has the same idea as you. And the plus thing is that they also offer The Big Dig Scholarship to encourage you with your ideas.

Who Is Eligible For The Big Dig Scholarship?

The demographic which is eligible for this scholarship is a senior high school student that currently is in their last year or any college student in any university in the United States. The major that you take is not limited, but you should write your name, where you are going to high school or the college that you take. When you are a college student you would also need to submit to your college financial aid office that The Big Dig Scholarship will contact if you win the scholarship.

How to apply for The Big Dig Scholarship

To be able to apply for The Big Dig Scholarship you must write an essay about things that you will bury in your backyard. But you could not choose just any thing, because the thing that you will bury should be an item that is sold in a stores at the present which make it a common item that would be found today. The item that you bury should also be under five hundred-dollar in price.

The Big Dig Scholarship essay should be in five hundred to one thousand words and written in Microsoft word using times new roman font with a twelve font size to make it look professional. When you are using outside references for your essay you should also write a bibliography at the end of your essay. The bibliography will not be counted as a part of your essay so you should be careful when you counting words.

The essay that you write should also answer some questions that they have decided on such as, “What item that you going to bury, where you would buy the item in todays time, how much is the item price, why you choose it, and why do you think that the item will have more value?”

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