Kohl’s Kids Who Care Scholarship

These days there are a lot of associations and corporations which pay great attention to the education world. One of those participants is the Kohl’s Corporation or also known as Kohl’s Department Store. They launched a great program called the Kohl’s Kids Who Care Scholarship in 2000 that can surely be applied for by those who need financial aid for educational needs. Actually, this program will encourage youths to volunteer or participate in providing scholarship programs for those who are in need of financial aid. Since 2000, Kohl’s has distributed awards for more than thirteen thousand students in forty-nine states which are valued up to three million dollars.

Kohl’s Kids Who Care Scholarship

Even though the scholarship is provided for teenagers or youths, the applicants can only be nominated by adults. Kohl’s will nominate several worthy students suggested by the members of their community, employees or also customers of their department stores. For department stores, they can nominate their own children for the scholarship however it will not be the same as their employees. Children who are living in the households or related to Kohl’s employees will not be eligible for nomination.  The entire nomination and application process will take place online. One application is only meant for one student hence if you want to nominate more than one student you need to get them separate applications.

The program of Kohl’s Kids Who Care Scholarship is available for students who are between the ages of 6 years old and 18 years old. They must not have yet graduated from their high school to apply for this kind of scholarship. According to the rules of this scholarship program, the volunteers should exemplify a great effort that is above the common skill of student at the same grade and age. The non family member related volunteers will be the ones who are eligible for this scholarship program. National and also regional winners of the previous nomination will not be counted to the eligibility rule.

The Program Of Kohl’s Kids Who Care Scholarship

The Kohl’s Corporation will suggest the nominators to get as many details as possible from their students’ voluntary work before they complete the nomination form since this scholarship program will not be selected based on financial need but more on volunteerism. The details of information that will be counted in the nominating process are the description of the student’s project and their final result, number and also types of distributed or collected items, the number of people they have helped, funds raised, and also the time amounts of volunteered. The nominators of this scholarship program should also have a valid e-mail address for all the nominating and also electing process.

The awards of Kohl’s Kids Who Care Scholarship will be divided into two groups based on the nominator’s age. The first group consists of nominators who are six to twelve years old, and the second group will consist of nominators who are thirteen to eighteen years old. There will be one winner from each group so the chance of winning will be bigger for you.

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