Airforce ROTC Scholarship

Airforce ROTC Scholarship

The Air Force ROTC, which stands for Reserve Officer Training Corps, offers a scholarship program that is available to college and high school students for taking undergraduate degrees. While seriously preparing for their service to the United States Air Force, they can still pursue their dreams to excel in a higher education. There are several financial support levels provided by Airforce ROTC scholarship you can surely apply for. Even though you all have different major interests and also degrees you want to pursue, this scholarship program will be able to help you in finishing your study until you are ready to serve with the air force team.

Eligibility Requirements

There are several requirements or qualifications you need to meet so you can apply for this scholarship provided by Air Force ROTC. The first requirement is the academic requirement. The scholarship of Airforce ROTC will require students to have at least a GPA of 3.0. What is GPA you might ask? A GPA is Grade Point Average, the average calculation of your total scores in your college and prior to that, high school. Hence, if your GPA is below the standard GPA then you are not eligible for the scholarship and will surely be eliminated right away. In addition, you should also rank in the top forty of your current class in high school. You need to also possess a 24 ACT score and also 100 SAT score as the minimum.

Another requirement you need to meet to apply for the Airforce ROTC scholarship is the physical requirement. Since this is a scholarship given by the Air Force ROTC and it has a standard physical nature so it is not surprising that it also states a physical standard as well. The applicants of this scholarship should complete a various series of physical fitness assessments. The assessment will involve running, push ups, crunches and also many other physical fitness assessments. All of the winners of these scholarship in the future need to pass this test so they can receive their tuition assistance.

Air Force ROTC Scholarship Interview

Air Force ROTC Scholarship Interview

After the academic and also physical requirements, like any other scholarship programs out there, you will also be required to complete several documents or files when applying for this scholarship. First of all, you need to complete the application form you can find online. Afterwards, you can immediately submit the online application and make sure that it is approved. Once it is approved you will be later required to submit other documents as well. You need to submit your personal statements, the approval of physical fitness assessment, resume, academic transcript, ACT certificate and also SAT score.

Service obligation is also another important point that is required for the Airforce ROTC scholarship program that you are going to apply for. Every participant will have to sign a service commitment agreement to serve in the branch of AFROTC. It is very important to declare your commitment to them so you can receive the scholarship money in the future. However, you will not only have to commit through the agreement but you really need to actually complete the field trainings for four weeks for the Air Force ROTC, of course.

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