Kohls Scholarship 2017 Application

For those who are searching for scholarships, this page will be a good resource to learn about the Kohls scholarship 2017 application. This scholarship will definitely be a great help for you. Kohls Department Stores especially established this kind of scholarship to help those who are in need of financial aid while currently studying at their school. In this article, you will get to know about the Kohls scholarship applications in 2017 so you can get a further understanding about this scholarship. Of course, there will be qualifications and requirements the applicants must meet in order to be eligible to apply for the Kohls scholarship. Hence, you need to read further so you will know the requirements you need to achieve before receiving the said scholarship.

Kohls Scholarship 2017 Application

Kohl's Scholarship 2017

Kohl’s Scholarship 2017

The Groups of Kohls Scholarships

The Kohls Scholarship 2017 Application is available for kids or youngsters between six and eighteen years old. So if you want to get in on this kind of scholarship for your children or students then they need to be around these ages to be eligible. The Kohls scholarship awards are divided into two recipient groups. The first group consists of recipients who are still between 6 and 12 years old. Meanwhile, the participants who are already 13 to 18 years old will be categorized under the second group of Kohls financial aid recipients. This way, one winner will be taken from each recipients group so it means that there will be two winners or recipients, one from the first group and one from the second group. The chance will be greater this way so you better prepare yourself.

Kohl's Corporate Scholarship

Kohl’s Corporate Scholarship

Requirements and Qualifications

Students who want to submit the Kohls scholarship 2017 application should definitely meet the requirements that have been determined first. First of all, as it has already been stated before, the participants or nominees should be around the ages 6 to 18 years old and have not graduated from their schools yet. However, the nominees or participants should show that they have greater intelligence above the children or students at their age and level. This will be supported by the teachers, parents or adults who have nominated them in the first place. of course, and they will have to also maintain a great score at the end of their study year so they can be eligible to apply for the scholarship offered by Kohls Department Stores.

Another important point you need to keep in mind is that your students or children cannot apply for the scholarships on their own. They need to be nominated by adults so their application can be considered further by the committee. Kohls Department Stores have encouraged their customers and also employees to find talented and intelligent children in their surroundings to be nominated. However, those who have a direct relation with the employees at Kohls will not be considered. You need to make sure that you meet all of those requirements and include them in the Kohls scholarship 2017 application you are going to submit later on. After you have made sure about the requirements then you can immediately submit the application to the committee of Kohls scholarship program. Good luck!

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