Who Could Apply For Best Buy Scholarship Program?

Who Could Apply For Best Buy Scholarship Program?

Most of you must have know about the Best Buy Company which is the biggest multinational company in the world that sells many kinds of electronic devices in their stores. The headquarters of this company is located in Richfield, Minnesota.

This company has their one thousand two hundred and fifty stores located not only in many States in the U.S., but also in Puerto Rico, Canada, China, and Mexico ever since this company was founded in nineteen sixty-six by Gary Smoliak and Richard M. Schulze.

With years of development and many electronic sold in their stores this company also realized the important of giving back to the community and to the younger people. They want to be able to help the community where the store and employee are located become stronger through their company giving programs.

There are many kinds of programs that this company gives such as national grants, community grants, children’s foundations, teen tech centers and of course the Best Buy scholarship.

About The Best Buy Scholarship

The Best Buy scholarship is given by the Best Buy company to high school students that want to continue their education into college. Although the funds that you receive from this scholarship is used to pay your tuition funds in the university, the application is open for all grades of high school students so they would have plenty of time to prepare themselves to be eligible for this scholarship.

During the past years, the Best Buy scholarship has given as many as twenty-one point eight million dollars to the students, and for now there already as many as seventeen thousand six hundred and forty-four students that already attend college with the fund that they received from the Best Buy scholarship.

You could try to apply for the Best Buy scholarship at any time before the college starts in the fall season. For each term there will be as many as one thousand and one hundred Best Buy scholarships that are given to the students.

As we mention above, you could still apply for this Best Buy scholarship even though you are still in your early years of high school to prepare for the college funding that you need in the future. The reason that they give this scholarship to students in their early years of high school is so they would have some reassurance for them to go to college. That will build more motivation in their study thus helping to achieve higher grade point averages in their high school studies that would also make sure them to be able to apply to the best college as possible.

Best Buy Scholarship Recipient

The recipient of this Best Buy scholarship is also divided by the grade levels in which they are now studying. Of course the biggest recipient would be the senior high school students although the early year students also have the same opportunity but the recipient of these scholarships are limited.

The Best Buy scholarship is given to the ninth graders is limited to twenty recipients, while the tenth grade is limited to thirty-six recipients, for the eleventh grade is one hundred recipients and for twelve grade is for nine hundred and forty-four recipients.

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