McKay Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

For students who have financial problems,  the John M. McKay scholarship can be a rescue in your time of need. It is especially meant for Florida students with disabilities, and this McKay scholarship will definitely give helpful tuition assistance for students from both public and private schools. We all know that students with disabilities definitely need more intensive care and also education, however, in order to get all of these privileges is definitely not cheap. Hence, you need to meet the requirement of McKay scholarship eligibility so you can receive the financial aid.

Documented Disability

The McKay scholarship also has requirements and qualifications for the applicants to meet, just like any other scholarship programs we usually meet out there. The first and foremost important requirement is that the applicant must be a student with a disability and it should be proven with documentation. So, students with blindness, deafness or hearing impairment, visual impairment, language impairment and also any other physical disability, either natural or caused by accident, can apply for this scholarship. The purpose of this scholarship has already been defined by Florida State Senate so it is no way a disability free student can apply for this McKay scholarship.

Florida Students

Aside from the previous requirements, in order to get the McKay scholarship eligibility a student needs to be enrolled in a Florida school. The student needs to be enrolled a special school such as the Blind and the Deaf in the prior year, either in a Florida private school or Florida public school. It means that the Florida Education Finance Program will do a survey and make sure that the student is indeed a Florida school’s student that can apply for the John M. McKay scholarship. These steps are taken to prevent abuse of the Mckay Scholarship. You need to make sure that there is no serious issues regarding the enrollment so the student can pass another requirement for applying for the scholarship.

Other Requirements

Aside from the previously mentioned requirements, there are also several additional requirements that need to be fulfilled by the applicants. The first additional requirement is the age requirement. The applicants should at least 4 years old during the prior school year so they can be eligible. Second, the student needs to also obtain an admission from an eligible and accredited participating school. Third, all of the applicants will also be required to submit a letter of intent to the Florida Department of Education as a request for the scholarship. The official website of the McKay scholarship has already facilitated the applicants in this case so they can make the letter more easily and submit it right away.


Aside from the John M. McKay scholarship eligibility discussed previously, there is also ineligibility you need to learn before actually applying for the scholarship. Firstly, those students who have already been attending Florida schools for the Blind and the Deaf cannot apply for this scholarship. Secondly, a student who is currently in a juvenile detention center will not be eligible for the scholarship as well. Thirdly, students who already received an educational scholarship or tax credit scholarship provided by the state of Florida are also not allowed to apply. All of these ineligibility policies were stated by the Florida State Senate so they cannot be bargained.

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