Program from CEA Study Abroad to Thirteen Countries

Having a dream to study and experience life abroad is not impossible anymore even though your budget is limited. You can search and find a lot of resource willing to help you to study in abroad countries. One of the examples is the CEA which refers to Cultural Experiences Abroad. CEA or Cultural Experiences Abroad offers various study programs for students who want to enroll in schools or universities abroad. Today, CEA serves about thirteen countries and in the future plan to add even more. To find more detailed information about the program from CEA study abroad continue reading below!

What Is Cultural Experiences Abroad Or CEA Study Abroad Program To Thirteen Countries?

Cultural Experiences Abroad or better known as CEA is an organization or association which serves as a global education program that was originated in 1997. Their goal is to support a high quality education for American and Canadian students who have a goal to experience study abroad by sending them to thirteen countries or even more. Until now a lot of study chances abroad offered by the CEA and the destined countries are Spain, Brazil, France, China, Argentina, Chile, England, Costa Rica,  Italy, Czech Republic, South Africa, Germany, and Ireland.

What Is The Goal And Mission From Cultural Experiences Abroad Or CEA Study Abroad Program?

The CEA study abroad has the mission to facilitate, give, and create a chance for a high quality international education program for students who want to receive academic achievement, some personal experience and growth, and competence in their education field.

Cultural Education Abroad Global Education supports the students by offering a deep and great orientation with their first experience.

Cultural Experiences Abroad Global Education Or CEA Study Abroad Affiliation:

To support and facilitate those students, CEA has a lot of affiliations with other colleges, universities, and schools abroad and in many countries. Moreover, CEA Global Education also works together with many international organizations and international departments in the United States and Canada. Until last year the CEA Global Education has already built more than four hundred affiliations. More than one hundred and twenty-five colleges or universities work together with CEA. The CEA still tries to build affiliations because they have a goal for better educational access for American and Canadian students. The CEA is also a member of several international organizations. That is why it is very popular and known as the number one fastest growing organization in the US.

What Are The Programs Offered By Cultural Experiences Abroad Or CEA Study Abroad Program In 2013?

The CEA or Cultural Experiences Abroad Program offers may programs for students who want to get their first experience studying abroad. For example the CEA offers International Internship Programs, a Summer Program from the Institute of American Universities, and Hybrid program in the summer. So for those who have a plan to get “the abroad experience” then you should not miss this program. For further details and information about each of the programs that the CEA offers just visit their official website. To support your study Abroad, the CEA also offers classes in native languages. Well, what are you waiting for? Grab a CEA study abroad program now!

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