Dr Pepper Scholarship For A Level of Higher Education

Pepper Scholarship For A Level Of Higher Education

Year after year the cost for higher education levels such as universities and colleges become higher. That is why many students who want to continue to a higher education try to find as many financial aid resources as they can. Students compete with each other to receive financial aid awards such as money from grants and scholarships. There are many financial aid resources like scholarship programs from federal state governments, universities, associations, and large corporations. One of the financial aid programs which you will find is from the Dr Pepper Company. We would like to give you some detailed information about it with the Dr Pepper scholarship for a higher level of education as our main topic for today.

What Is The Dr Pepper Company Financial Aid Program?

In 1885 in Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store in Waco, Texas, Dr Pepper was founded and currently serves as the oldest soft drink company in United States. From when it was first introduced, a lot of people love Dr Pepper because of the unique taste that the Dr Pepper Soft Drink Company offered. Dr Pepper grew faster and tried to enlarge their product line by offering not only soft drinks but also ice cream, hot dogs and hamburgers.

Moreover, the Dr Pepper Company also joins in many social programs and of course financial aid programs for students who need financial help for education expenses. That is why the Dr Pepper Company offers the Dr Pepper Scholarship program for a higher level of education.

What Kind Of Scholarship Awards Does Dr Pepper Offer For Students?

There is a lot of scholarship awards that Dr Pepper offers for students. For example, in 2014 Dr Pepper with the Dr Pepper Scholarship 2014 program offers the winning student one million dollars as the scholarship award. What a huge amount of money, right? Not only has does Dr Pepper offer a Scholarship, there are also twenty-three thousand dollars for five students who win the Dr Pepper scholarship program. And there is also about one hundred thousand dollars for five students plus two thousand and five hundred dollars for fifteen winners. There are so many awards and chance that the Dr Pepper Scholarship program offers, so you don’t need to miss this program. Anyway, for the applicant who wants to apply for Dr Pepper Scholarship program, you need to be fourteen-eighteen years of age.

Consider The Dr Pepper Scholarship Program Requirements If You Want To Apply For This Program:

To have chance to win the Dr Pepper Scholarship award then what you need to do is make your own original video that is no longer than one minute with a topic about why you deserve to win Dr Pepper Scholarship program. For those who want to submit the video, you need to be creative. Another stipulation is that the video which you submit could not be the same video from last year if you ever applied for this scholarship program in the past.

What you need to consider when making the video is the duration, your creativity and ideas about how you could insert Dr Pepper in your video, the quality of video, reason why you deserve Dr Pepper Scholarship award and your achievements like academics and football. For detailed information just visit www.drpepper.com

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