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Financial problems are often seen as a factor behind most cases of students who cannot continue their study to next level. As a concern toward this issue, Washington College of Law offers WCL financial aid programs to help their students who have financial problems. They designed a financial aid program or Washington College of Law for assisting their students in balancing the cost of education year and also monthly living costs. WCL, or Washington College of Law, will be awarded for the eligible students based on their needs basis. However, the students and also their family need to contribute to the expenses by using their own resource since WCL aid will only assist them in this case.

WCL Financial Aid Eligibility

Washington College of Law has decided three major requirements for those who want to apply for their financial aid. The first requirement is that the student must have been already enrolled to the Washington College of Law for at least part time, in any degree programs offered by the college. The second requirement is that you also need to be legally listed as a United States citizen or a non citizen who has been stated eligible for any kind of financial supports, grants or scholarships. The third requirement is the SAP requirement, or also called the Satisfactory Academic Progress. Those who want to apply for the WCL financial aid can be either a part time student or also a full time student. However, students from both groups need to achieve a SAP with at least a 2.0 GPA at the end of the year. For part time students, they also need to complete at least eighty percent of attempted credits in their academic year as well.

How to Apply For WCL Financial Aid

After you make sure that you are eligible to apply for the financial aid provided by Washington College of Law, you need to immediately submit an application once the application period has opened. First of all, you need to complete an FAFSA file then submit it to the Washington College of Law. What is the FAFSA? FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid and will be required for any federal aid program applications. In addition, you need to also file a consent application of Need Access that can be found online to the WCL committee. This kind of financial application needs parental information so if you cannot provide this requirement then your application will not be processed. Be careful of the due date or deadline so you will not be late in submitting the application to the committee of Washington College of Law.

Other Funding Sources

Aside from the WCL financial aid program, there are also several alternative funding sources the students can possibly explore. The first alternative are private loans which you can easily access in the United States. Typically, these kinds of funding sources will require a US citizen co-borrower who is permanently residing in the United States. Another idea of funding sources you can possibly use are international students employment. You can also search for other available sources in your local embassy or written sources in the library and internet.

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