Grants for College Students with Low Income

Education can be extremely costly sometimes and there are so many people who cannot afford to get a proper secondary education for their children. As the result of a parents’ low income, some students cannot even continue their study to the higher degree. This is a very ironic sight to see, indeed. Fortunately, there are already lots of federal grants for college students with low income that are readily available to help those children pursue their dreams. There are various grant programs that are very useful in helping those students with financial aid so they can continue their study to higher level. We are going to talk about several types of federal grant programs for those who have low-income so you can better understand this matter more deeply.

Pell Grant

The Pell Grant is the first program of federal grants for students with low-income that is the most common. Those who have been accepted in accredited universities for an undergraduate degree can apply for this kind of grant. The Pell Grant was reported to give away awards valued in more than five thousand dollars during 2010 and 2011. However, not all students from low-income families can apply for this grant. Pell grants have a limit of applicants and they only open the chance for those who have an income of less than fifty thousand dollars per year, be it they are family dependent or live independently. The Department of Education will determine how much a recipient should receive based on the standard formula for calculating the student’s financial needs.

Academic Competitiveness Grant

This Academic Competitiveness Grant is the second example of federal grants for college students with low-income available out there. This is actually like a continuance grant for eligible recipients of the Pell Grant for their 1st and 2nd year of study. However, you need to really keep a great grade point average during these years so you can get the continuance grant. First of all you need to successfully finish the secondary program of the college or university for the first year of your study. Afterwards, for those who are already in their second year, at the end of your study you need to also have a cumulative GPA, or grade point average, for 3.0 on scale 4.0.

National SMART Grant

After the Academic Competitiveness Grant that will help the recipients of Pell Grant in their first and second year of study, there will be the National SMART Grant. This grant will students during the third to fifth year of studying. However, this federal grant only covers those who are majoring in Engineering, Critical Foreign Language, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Technology, Mathematics and Computer Sciences. In addition, they also have to maintain a good grade of at least a 3.0 until the last year of their study. The amount of the money the grant offers is also great, totaling about four thousand of dollars, from the National SMART Grant. If you have passed the previous grants for college students with low-income then it will be no difficult for you to get this one as well.

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