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Experts say that open scholarship programs from companies have bigger awards compared to financial programs offered by certain high schools, colleges and universities. Indeed, the competition is probably tighter but the award is absolutely worth it. One of those open scholarship programs you can apply for is the Dell Scholarship. This award is part of a scholarship program offered by the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation. There are a lot of students who have submitted a Dell scholarship application 2017 according to the record of the foundation. In this article you will get to know further about this scholarship program and also the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation as well.

Michael and Susan Dell Foundation

This foundation was established by Susan and Michael Dell in 1999. They have always paid more had more concern and paid more attention to children with financial problems when pursuing their study or degree. Under this concern, Michael and Susan decided to establish the foundation to facilitate and help those children so they can still continue their study properly. They really have passion for helping financial disabled students, especially those who are living in urban poverty. It is said that this Michael and Susan Dell Foundation has already committed more than eight hundred million dollars in contributing to non profit organizations and also communities in South Africa, India, and also of course the United States. This is an exact proof that they are really honest in helping and supporting children, not only for their education but also health as well.

Dell Scholars Program

According to the records, there are a lot of children who submitted the Dell scholarship application 2017 and joined the competition to win the Dell scholarship award. Actually, what are the features of this Dell scholarship program? This scholarship program is claimed to have a pretty unique way to help their winners. The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation serves as the provider of this scholarship program and will foster the winners in continuing their path to a university or college degree that suits their interest. They will give the winners the resources regarding their educational interests and also mentor them, not only financially but also psychologically, to make sure that they can obtain the requirements needed by the college degree.

The application form of this scholarship program will ask the participants about several things. It will ask about your responsibility aside from being a student, both at home and also at work. You will also be required to tell about your daily life, information about your study, courses and classes, and also financial needs. In addition, it will not focus on your academic achievement but it will more focus on how far you have prepared for college life.

How to Apply For The Dell Scholarship Application 2017

Applying for the Dell scholarship program is actually not that complicated and difficult. First of all, you need to complete an online Dell scholarship application 2017 where you can find that on their website. After making sure that you have completed the application form with no errors, you can immediately submit it to the foundation so they can do a further assessment. There will be several semifinalists selected for further competition for the scholarship awards.

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