College Confidential Financial Aid

College Confidential Financial Aid

Education nowadays is no longer shaken by financial or economic problems suffered by the students. Fortunately, there are a lot of communities, institutions, foundations and also organizations that are concerned and contribute to support students with financial disabilities. They provide financial aid programs with various basis and requirements to help a lot of children in pursuing their dreams.

You can take a look at several prestigious financial aid or scholarship programs on the official website of College Confidential. This scholarship web site will help inform you of various scholarship programs from prestigious companies. Here are several examples of College Confidential financial aid programs you can surely consider. Good Luck!

College Confidential Financial Aid

Coca Cola Scholars Program

Coca Cola Scholars Program is one of the most popular scholarship programs on this website and has a lot of pursuers. If you want to apply for this scholarship program then you need to meet all of their eligibility requirements first. First of all, the applicants should be listed as current high school senior from any school in United States. Second, the participants must be a United States permanent resident, United States national, United States citizen, or also a legal temporary resident, humanitarian parolee, Cuban-Haitian entrant, Asylee or refugee. Third, they have to already anticipate a high school diploma completion when they are applying for the scholars program. In addition, the participants also must have a plan to continue a degree at an accredited post secondary institution in United States. Last, they also need to carry at least a 3.00 grade point average at the end of the study year in high school.

Gates Millennium Scholarship Program

The Gates Millennium Scholarship Program, or also known as GMS, is also another College Confidential financial aid program you can find on their web site. This scholarship program has been sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation since 1999. They established this foundation and also its scholarship program to help minority students promote their academic excellence by supporting their financial need. They want to reduce financial barrier between races and nationals in the  education world and also increase various disciplines such as mathematics, engineering, computers, science and many more. There are several eligibility requirements the participants need to meet for applying for this scholarship program. They need to carry a minimum 3.30 grade point average, have leadership ability, meet the eligibility of Federal Pell Grant, and also complete three forms which are determined by the committee.

Questbridge Financial

QuestBridge Program

Another College Confidential financial aid program is the QuestBridge Program. QuestBridge is categorized as a non-profit organization that helps increase the motivation of students with low-income through financial support and also assistance in finding the best college for them.

They have several scholarship programs for students out there; the first is the National College Match Program, the second is Quest for Excellence Awards, and the third is the College Prep Scholarship. Each of these scholarship programs has its own specialty and eligibility requirements so you can visit their official page for more accurate information of each program and see which program that perfectly fits your qualifications.

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