AJ Drexel Scholarship

The AJ Drexel Scholarship

Drexel University is categorized as a university that is also active in contributing to education scholarship programs. There have already been numerous AJ Drexel scholarship programs that students can surely participate in. You can start by taking a look at those scholarship programs based on the category you are qualified and of course, interested in. Here in this article, we are going to talk about the several types of scholarship programs offered by Drexel University you can possibly apply for. The requirements and purposes of each scholarship program will vary so you can read this article further to learn about them some more.

AJ Drexel Scholarship

Drexel University Scholarships

Full Tuition Academic Scholarships

The first category of Drexel scholarship programs available for Drexel undergraduate students is their Full Tuition Academic Scholarship category. There are four scholarship programs that are categorized under this category. The first scholarship program is the National Merit Finalists Scholarship that is meant for incoming freshmen. The second scholarship program is the Drexel Liberty Scholars program that is mean for students who are residing in Philadelphia and studying in schools in the city. The Drexel Global Scholars program is the third scholarship program under the category of Full Tuition Academic Scholarship of Drexel University. This scholarship program is specially meant for incoming international freshmen of Drexel University. Aside from the previous scholarship programs, there is also the Eagles Fly for Leukemia Scholarship program.

AJ Drexel Scholarship

Drexel Transfer Scholarships

Partial Tuition Academic Scholarships

Another category of AJ Drexel scholarship is the partial tuition Academic Scholarship. This scholarship program is actually a merit based award of partial tuition granted by the Admission Committee. You must have excellent academic achievement and superior performance to win this scholarship program by Drexel University. If the winner is able to maintain a minimum 3.00 grade point average then the committee will possibly renew the scholarship each year.

Drexel University Grants

Drexel University Grants

Drexel Affiliated Awards

Drexel Affiliated Awards are also another category of scholarship awards you can find at this university. There are various scholarship awards you can find under this scholarship category. The first is called the Dragon Alumni Scholarship, the second is Dragon Family Scholarship, third is the Drexel Legacy Scholarship, the fourth is Drexel Early FAFSA Grant, and the last is the Travel Tuition Reduction These programs are specially meant for those who are residing in a place that is more than one hundred and fifty miles away from the university. All of these scholarship programs are categorized under the Drexel Affiliated Awards category so if you feel that you are eligible to apply for one of these scholarships then you can browse through the category for the application form.

AJ Drexel Scholarship

Drexel Benjamin Franklin Fellowship

Participation Scholarship

Another category of the AJ Drexel scholarship program is the Participation Scholarship category. This kind of scholarship aims for students who have participated in specific activities. There are several types of Drexel scholarships you can find under this category. There is the Drexel Athletic Scholarship, Drexel Performing Arts Scholarship, ROTC Scholarship and also Freshmen Frontiers Scholarship. The amount of the tuition fees will definitely vary from one to another type of scholarship program so you need to check how much you can receive from the scholarship program you fit in.

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