Boy Scout Scholarship (Scholarship for Eagle Scouts)

Nowadays, there are numbers of organizations that offer scholarships to members of  America’s Boy Scouts. One of the particular scholarships is for the Eagle Scouts. The offerings of two types of Eagle Scout Scholarships come from the National Eagle Scout Association. The first type is Academic Based Scholarships and the second are Merit Based Scholarships.

Boy Scout Scholarship Of Academic

This is NESA’s first type of scholarship to be offered. This scholarship includes both the NESA Scholarship with scholarship money varying to about $3,000 and also the scholarship of Mabel and Lawrence S. Cooke with a varying number of $2,500. The scholarships of Mabel and Lawrence S. Cooke give about $20,000, and is awarded annually (per year payable at $5,000) and one scholarship of $48,000 is four years payable up to$12,000.

Two additional scholarships of academics that have been offered by NESA are: first, $ 50,000 scholarship of STEM for four years and is payable up to $12,500 per year for any applicant that plans to take major in technology, math, engineering and science fields. The second is a $25,000 scholarship of United Health Foundation, and this scholarship is for applicants who have skills in an underserved community and reinvest his/her knowledge. This scholarship also is for applicants who plan to chase a career in the area of healthcare.

The applicants of the NESA academic scholarship must be an Eagle Scout that graduates from high school and in the year has plan to enter college in which they apply for the scholarship. These scholarships are awarded only for students who have graduated from high school and the scholarships are presented in the calendar year.

Boy Scout Scholarship Of Merit

Here it is the second type scholarship for the national Eagle Scout. It’s the scholarship of Hall/McElwain Merit. It’s award vary from about a 1,000 scholarships for each BSA region who reviews the applications. The applicants of this scholarship must be an Eagle Scout that has been graduated from high school or is a student of an undergraduate college. The recipients may only receive the scholarship for one time. Each year, the applications of NESA scholarship reach more than 5,000, but only about 150 applicants are awarded. It’s a kind of tough competition.

Other Boy Scout Scholarship

Scholarship Of Religious Eagle Scout

The communities of the national Jewish, Catholic and Eastern Orthodox of scouting have awarded numbers of scholarships for Eagle Scouts. These scholarships are for Eagle Scouts who have earned their religious emblem faith.

Scholarship Of Military/ Civic Eagle Scout

Special requirements are needed to obtain these scholarships. More prestige and money is awarded from the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, American Legion, Foreign Wars of the United States Veterans and also Fellowship Program of Washington Scholars.

Scholarships Of Institution-Specific Eagle Scout

Award Scholarship for Eagle Scouts from the list of universities and colleges has grown since years ago, like the recipients of the Girl Scouts Gold Award and the Venturing Silver Award.

So if you are a Boy Scout in the United States, we encourage you to apply for one of these great scholarships!

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