Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Scholarship

Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Scholarship

The NROTC or Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps program is a college based training program of Commissioned officers of the United State Marine Corps and United State Navy. You are eligible to join the program immediately after completing high school. The majority of recruits enroll to be a NROTC Midshipmen. The midshipmen are made up of the college Program Midshipmen or the Scholarship program. The Midshipmen scholarship is for those who are applying for an ROTC to the Navy during early college studies or during their senior year of high school. In the Marine Corps or Navy, some students of NROTC have served as enlisted women or men. An interview with a Navy representative and an extensive written application are involved in the selection application process. There is also a process of entrance medical examinations that must be passed by all applicants. The Navy pays tuition for the Midshipmen Scholarship like fees of education and a stipend for books. There are three types of options for all Midshipmen, which are the Marine Option, Navy Option and Navy Nurse Option. However, in the Navy there is no need to pay room and board and for some similar schools will offer some scholarships to cover both board and room.

Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Scholarship Opportunities Of Full-Scholarship:

  1. It is full tuition at a college or university that have listed
  2. Educational fees for all universities or colleges
  3. Text books stipend
  4. All uniforms are provided
  5. Cruises for three summers
  6. There is a subsistence allowance for each academic month

The scholarship benefits length is for the plan of student’s degree. The benefits of the scholarship will be given to students only at the time needed to receive their four years or baccalaureate Degree.

The Criteria For The Selection Of This Scholarship

  1. You may apply during your second semester of your high school or junior year
  2. Applicants may choose between these three options of scholarship programs: Marine, Navy, or Nurse Corps.
  3. You must make sure that the complete transcript of its copy including your whole junior year is already forwarded to the recruiter. You must make sure about it before the application must be forwarded or finalized for the consideration of selection
  4. It is not eligible for students with 30 or 45 or more of semester hours  of college credit to take four-year Scholarship of NROTC
  5. It is ineligible to apply for applicants who are active in duty Navy
  6. It is eligible for members who active in other branches of the military to apply
  7. It is eligible for any individual who is scheduled for boot camp to apply

After the ship date of applicants, transcripts, teacher evaluation and SAT/ACT scores dated will be accepted by NSTC.

Students that have been selected for Scholarship program of NROTC will make their arrangements for board, room and also the enrollment of the college. They will also take a normal course load that is required by the university or college for the completion of the degree.

The information about the scholarship program of the NROTC is available from all universities or colleges with the units of the NROTC or form Marine Corps and Navy recruiters.

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