Emory Financial Aid

Emory Financial Aid

Emory University has implemented a financial aid program to help students who want to obtain an undergraduate degree without having to accumulate a large amount of debt. The program is called Emory Advantage. In this program, the total annual incomes of the students’ families must be $100,000 or less and the student must demonstrate a need for Emory financial aid. The objective is to make a student’s dream of obtaining an undergraduate degree come to fruition, regardless of income. Obtaining Emory financial aid can make attending Emory University more affordable.

The Loan Replacement Grant (LRG)

The Loan Replacement Grant (LRG) replaces Federal Subsidized Student Loans. In the past, awarded Federal Subsidized Student Loans were included as part of financial aid. Now, the LRG will be used to cover tuition, room and board expenses. Undergraduate, dependent students, whose parents’ total annual incomes are $50,000 or less, are eligible to receive the LRG. The student’s self-help amount, which was normally given as a loan in the past, is now the LRG.

The Loan Cap Program (LCP)

The Loan Cap Program (LCP) is available to undergraduate, dependent students whose parents’ total annual incomes are between $50,000 and $100,000. In this program, students receive a standard financial aid award for their freshmen and sophomore years. Federal or state aid, institutional loans or grants, and Work-Study could be included in this award. Once the student’s Federal Subsidized Student Loans debt reaches $15,000, then grants to cover any remaining need-based funding will be given by Emory. These grants will be given only until completion of the degree.

Financing your education should not consume a large amount of your attention, time or energy. That is why it is necessary to first explore how much your education will cost. Knowing the cost is always ideal. Then, plan accordingly. The Emory financial aid calculator will not only indicate the cost, but it will also identify what types of financial aid you might qualify for. Your expected family contribution will also be given by the Emory financial aid calculator. Remember, financial aid awards are need-based and are considered as supplements to the amount your family is able to pay. Please keep in mind that the calculator will yield only estimates – your net cost estimate and aid eligibility estimate. The estimates are only as reliable as the information provided by you. It is recommended that you have your parents’ tax forms with you. Merit scholarships will not be included in your financial aid estimate. Only students residing in the United States, not international students, should use this calculator.

The goal of International Student And Scholar Services (ISSS)

The goal of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) is to promote worldwide education and cultural exchange at Emory University through services and initiatives for Emory international students. Presently, there aren’t any state, federal, or Emory financial aid international students funding available. Only student loan options are available to international students. If all eligibility requirements established by the lender are met, then international students may borrow up to the full cost of their education. Remember, any scholarships or other aid will be deducted from the cost. Perhaps in the future, Emory financial aid international students funding will become available.

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