FSU Financial Aid

FSU Financial Aid

FSU is one of the top elite colleges that provides graduate, undergraduate, and professional programs. They strive to provide students with the education, knowledge, and understanding they need in order to achieve their dreams and obtain the career that they desire. Students attending this college or in the process of enrolling can apply for FSU financial aid in order to help them pay for their college expenses like tuition fees, FSU fees, books, food, and housing. This allows students to focus more on their studies and less of financial hardships, stresses, or worries. FSU has many various financial aid programs like scholarships, grants, and student loans. In most cases, scholarships and grants do not require re-payment, but student loans do. Some of FSU financial aid programs include:

– Florida Work Experience Program

– Blueware Opportunity Grant

– Workforce Certificate Grant

Pell Grant

– Direct Subsidized Loan

– Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

– College Work Study Program

– Florida State Assistance Grant

– Direct Unsubsidized Loan

– Direct PLUS loans for parents

– Florida State Assistance Grant Part Time

– Florida Public Post Secondary Career Education Student Assistance Grant Program

– Florida Bright Future Scholarship

– Florida First Generation Matching Grant

The FSU staff for financial aid has been providing thousands of students with over 280 million dollars worth of financial aid throughout their programs existence. Students who want to apply for financial aid will need to fill out a FAFSA form, also known as the free application for federal student aid. This will allow the staff to determine what a students financial needs are, and provide them with the financial aid programs that they qualify for. Some of the financial aid eligibility requirements that a student must meet include, but are not limited to:

– Students must be a U.S. citizen or a non citizen that is eligible for such programs

– Students must have a valid social security card

– Students must be at least 18 years of age or older

– Students must be enrolled in school for at least 6 credit hours

FSU Financial Aid Disbursement

Students who have applied and qualified for financial aid, will have their financial aid processed during the end of their first week’s semester. Once their tuition fees and their FSU fees are paid for, the student will then have the rest if their financial aid readily available to them in their second week of their semester. Students can find out when they will receive their FSU financial aid disbursement by checking the posted schedule.

Any student who is planning to receive financial aid must complete an account refund setup. This allows a student to decide where they would like their financial aid to be disbursed once their tuition fees and FSU fees have been paid. Also, it ensures that FSU knows where a student would like their financial aid to be sent. If a student does not do an account refund setup, the students financial aid will not be processed through, and the students account will be placed on a hold.

Students have two different options to choose from in order to receive their FSU Financial aid disbursement. One option a student can chose is by having it electronically sent to them through a SunTrust account, which a student must setup on their own. The second option that a student can choose is having their disbursement sent to them via a check in the mail. To receive a check via the mail, a student must ensure that their correct address is listed on blackboard. A student must have their SunTrust account setup or their correct mailing address listed on blackboard within four days of starting classes in order to receive their funds.

FSU Financial Aid Directory

In order to speak with a staff member about your financial aid, you can login into the site using your ID and password, and then click on the FSU financial aid directory. However, you can also call their toll free number and ask for the FSU financial I’d directory.

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