United Negro College Fund Scholarships

United Negro College Fund

Due to the rising cost of a college education it has become even more important to take advantage of scholarship opportunities. If you are African-American then you are eligible for a scholarship from the United Negro College Fund. It is an American philanthropic organization that funds scholarships for black students as well as ones in general for certain historically black private universities. It was founded in 1944 and it’s headquarters is located in Washington, DC. United Negro College Fund scholarships have supported tens of thousands of students per year and they are still going strong. In 2005 they gave out nearly $113 million in scholarships for African-Americans.

While it primarily gives scholarships to African-Americans it is open to all ethnicities. Some who receive this scholarship go to one of the historically black universities or colleges that they give to. The majority of those that receive this scholarship are the first ones in their family to attend college. They know that giving someone an education can not only improve their life but also their whole family as well. Its graduates include those who have studied business, politics, health care, and the arts. Many very famous graduates have come from this program including Martin Luther King Jr.

United Negro College Fund Scholarships

The United Negro College Fund provides scholarships for African-Americans that mainly come from a low-income household under $25,000. This is 62% of the people that they give scholarships to but anyone is able to get a United Negro College Fund scholarships. Those who have excelled in high school courses and have shown leadership skills from sports to volunteer activities have been known to get scholarships. They want to reward those that have put time and effort back into their own community through these scholarships.

The motto of the UNCF is “A mind is a terrible thing to waste” which has become a very popular saying in advertising and even movies. The less recognized slogan is “Not asking for a handout, just a hand”. They have used these slogans to gain more charitable donations in order to provide more scholarships. They also have fundraisers throughout the year that vary from the “Walk For Education” in Los Angeles, CA to the “Lou Rawls Parade of Stars” which ran for 27 years from 1980 to 2006 and raised over $200 million for the organization. With all this support UNCF has been able to help many kids pay their way through school.

The UNCF has been one of the largest supporters of African-American students and looks to get even bigger in the future. Apply for a scholarship before the deadline and you can get a check ranging from $500-$10,000. They have helped many young men and women become the first of their family to hold a college degree that will be with them for a lifetime. They also have helped many that would have no way to pay for college due to how expensive it is now. While many foundations spend the minimal on their cause, the United Negro College Fund is a true organization that does what’s best.

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