Rutgers Financial Aid Process

Rutgers Financial Aid Process

It is now easier than ever to gain a college education at Rutgers University. Although Rutgers Financial Aid has a vast amount of programs that will allow you to pay for your Rutgers tuition there is one that stands out far more than rest which is a Pay It Forward process. The Pay It Forward process allows you to use a net price calculator to estimate your cost to attend Rutgers University.

There are three kinds of Rutgers Financial Aid which are: 1. Gift Aid(this consists of grants, scholarships and rewards) 2. Loans(this type of aid has to be repaid generally after graduation) and 3. Work-study(this usually means you make a living and earn income to go towards school on your own.)

Work-Study should be considered a last resort when you look at the figures for Rutgers tuition fee, for example:

*As a commuter living in New Jersey your tuition will be at $13,499
*Living on campus your tuition cost will be $25,077
*Non-Resident commuter living in New Jersey your tuition cost will be $27,523
*Non-Resident living on campus your tuition will be $39,101.

As a Rutgers Financial Aid Undergraduate this could be a really stressful time for you because on top of everything else you need to make sure that your tuition is covered. Never wait until the last-minute to apply for financial aid, always check for the deadlines because applying can be a very long process if not done properly and on time.

You can always get information on the Rutgers Financial Aid Undergraduate process from the Office of the University in the Admissions Department.

Another way to pay for your Rutgers tuition would be by gaining a scholarship. There is however an award process to be given a scholarship and it is Merit-based as well as very competitive. There are two scholarships offered through Rutgers University:

1. First Year Merit-Based Awards
2. Transfer Scholarships

The First Year Merit-Based Awards are geared towards first year undergraduates who have scored high on their SAT with a combined score of 1950 or the ACT with a 30 or higher. Other attributes that are put into consideration are their overall high school performance, GPA, class rank and the strength of the student’s academic program. If you think you qualify for this scholarship then you must apply by December 1 with all your credentials and you must also be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident.

The Transfer Scholarships are geared towards transfers students who are attending a community college or are a part of a Sorority of Fraternity organization. You must be a Full-Time student who has an Associates in Art or Science given by the time of enrollment with a GPA of at least a 3.8.

Now that we have discussed the many ways to be able to pay for your tuition let us now discuss the wonderful Organizations that are on campus. Rutgers has many clubs to join and this is a great opportunity to make new friends or just meet interesting people all together. Go Rutgers!

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