Scholarship Essay Guidelines: Essay Writing Tips

Scholarship Essay Guidelines: Essay Writing Tips

Apply for scholarships that you have the best chance of receiving then go online to do a scholarship search in the area that you are considering as a career, ethnicity, and gender. Also, this can give you a chance to narrow down the scholarships that you are interested in winning. Further your chance in receiving a scholarship is to have a profile typed up on a word document. It is important to include all your personal strength’s, what your interest are and any community service or volunteer work that you have accomplished while you were in high school. Consequently, many contributors look for unique experiences that the individual may have to add to the college life. The importance of devoting time and energy of writing a scholarship essay will be worth it because it is to better your life as a working adult in society. The importance of having scholarship essay guidelines is to provide the candidates can respond to an underlying question or a specific theme. Many scholarship applications have a strict requirement for being at least a complete page. Each of the scholarship foundations and donors has independent requirements that include deadlines and a letter of recommendation from a teacher or mentor.

Scholarship Essay Guidelines: Writing the Application Essay

The actual process of writing the application essay can be time-consuming but if the profile is done before hand then writing about a theme, topic or answering any underline questions that they scholarship wants answered will be a little easier. It is important to use the correct format of 12 point and Times Roman while typing the essay. The right format to use in general is to use the MLA Style but some are beginning to use the Chicago Style format. Always check grammar, spelling syntax, and flow of the essay using a spell check and a close friend to proof read the essay. Remember the theme or topic of the essay is determined by the scholarship that you applying for. In writing scholarship application essays you must also understand that any essay question is only a launch pad to what the scholarship judges are actual asking. Furthermore, you need to distinguish your writing in a unique way since you are competing with others that have the same goals, talents, financial status, and background.
Scholarship Essay Guidelines: Scholarship Essay Example

There are several ways in writing as a scholarship essay example. Below is one scholarship essay example that can be used.

I am currently enrolled in my second semester of my junior year as a full-time student in the School of Psychology. Upon completion of this program, I will earn my Bachelor of Science Degree and continue to go into a more specific area of expertise when entering graduate school. This will complete my education and prepare me to work as a counselor in the wellness health community in our state.

My goal in pursuing such a career has always been part of my plans since I started high school. The majority of my work in high school was working as a receptionist at a holistic center and clinic that help people find natural ways to better their health. I found making a positive impact in individual’s choices in finding the right natural remedy to better one health is rewarding. The field of psychology as a career choice has a variance of challenging issues with today’s changes in health systems and dealing with insurances.

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