Scholarship Essay Do’s and Don’ts

Scholarship Essay Do’s and Don’ts

In this article, scholarship essay do’s and don’ts will be discussed as well as tips on writing scholarship essay and how not to write a scholarship essay. Scholarship essays are very important in the application process for college. Nowadays, tuition continues to grow every semester and students need all the help they can get to help with these rising costs. Scholarships, among other solutions, are very competitive and we will discuss how to make the best of one.
Here are some scholarship essay do’s and don’ts to follow.
– DO write concise. Think about how many others are applying for the same scholarship; the college will have plenty of essays to read and want something to the point.
– DON’T flower up the writing material. Again, colleges have plenty of essays to read, and when you add extra words that are not needed, the essay becomes longer than needed. Also, colleges can see through the flowery words and prefer to-the-point essays that are shorter.
– DO have the essay proofread multiple times. Have your parents, your teachers, and your friends proofread your essay. Even the best writer sometimes makes errors and having multiple opinions and reading levels read your essay ensures that it is the best it can be.
– DO try to write personal experiences. The truth and heartfelt writing always wins.
– DON’T ever plagiarize. Colleges will know if you do.

Scholarship Essay Do’s and Don’ts: Scholarship Essay Tips

The following are some tips on writing scholarship essay. I would like to explain writing from personal experience. The reason writing from personal experience works so well is that it comes from truth and heart. Most colleges respond well to something you have actually been through. No matter what the topic is, finding a way to incorporate a personal experience would instantly make the essay more reader friendly. For example, people love and are addicted to tabloid magazines. They get to read about other people’s lives and it’s entertaining. The same goes for your scholarship essay. When people get to read about something that actually happened to you, it makes it more entertaining and they become more invested in the essay.

Another important tip is to write concise. Colleges have thousands of essays to read and the last thing they want to do is read thousands of five-page essays. Typically, one to two pages is plenty. When you write, it is natural to flower up what you write with unnecessary words. Be conscience of leaving those words out.
I’m going to go into more depth on how not to write a scholarship essay. First and foremost, do not ever plagiarize. Colleges have programs and people who are trained in catching words and phrases and entire essays that have been copied. You WILL be caught. Unless the topic calls for some sort of fiction writing, I would advise not to lie in your essay. Again, real personal experiences are best. Do not take ideas from others either. Using your own original ideas and experiences will be noticed by colleges.

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