Cook Your Way To A College Degree with Food Network Scholarships

Food Network Scholarships

These days, scholarships are not really hard to find. A large number of scholarships come from many different places such as the universities, institutes, fast food companies, or even cable networks. An American cable network that has become very famous for its delicious programs would be the Food Network. This generous cable network has committed to helping students in senior high school who wish to have a higher education experience through providing the Food Network scholarships.

A number of food programs presented by the Food Network have more than five hundred thousands viewers a day. People from many parts of the world besides the United States such as Korea, Singapore, Monaco, Canada, Philippines, France, New Zealand, and Australia have become loyal viewers everyday. The Food Network is even more popular for its challenging food competitions such as the Food Network Challenge. These weekly food competitions have turned into the largest on the planet and you can watch them every Sunday night.

The Food Network scholarships are the ideal solution for senior high school students with some cooking skills. Those students with a huge culinary interest can use their cooking skills in order to open their way to higher education. A number of food manufacturers and restaurant companies have also provided scholarships for high school seniors, and you can easily find them on the internet. The Food Network scholarship is one of the scholarship programs which has been very popular among high school seniors throughout the years. The Food Network works hand in hand with the International Culinary Schools at The Art Institute to hold a contest that offers a $20,000 in scholarship as the award. The contest is known as the Food Network Scholarship Contest.

Food Network Scholarship Contest

Food Network Scholarship Contest

Any individual with a senior high school degree from all over the United States and District of Columbia is welcome to join this scholarship competition. As long as the individual is 18 years old or older, he or she will have the chance to win a scholarship award through this contest. Do not worry about the academic record requirements when it comes to competing in this contest. The Food Network Scholarship contest does not require an excellent academic record whatsoever. Regardless of the grade point average you have, as long as you have an interest in culinary arts, feel free to encourage yourself to take part in the Food Network Scholarship Contest.

Once the individuals plan to join this competition, they are required to go online in order to submit the scholarship application. In addition to the online application, they will have to write a short essay with a particular theme. They should choose their desired cuisine as the theme of the essay. In that essay, the applicants of the Food Network Scholarship Contest also need to talk about the possible positive impact of the International Culinary Schools at the Art Institutes on their culinary career in the future. The Food Network Scholarship Contest is a really fair competition since the judges involved in this contest are independent ones.

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