DECA Scholarships for Military Children

DECA Scholarships For Military Children

Military families need to defray the cost of their children’s education as much as anyone else. One possible way to defray that cost is through the scholarships for military children program. This program has awarded scholarships amounting to many millions of dollars to thousands of deserving students since its inception in 2001. Through scholarships children of military parents can significantly lighten the financial load of books, tuition, lab fees, and many other related expenses of a higher education. These scholarships were created to honor the contributions that military families have made to the readiness of America’s fighting force, as well as to commend and celebrate the role that commissaries play in supporting that military community. By scholarships children of military parents can be awarded at least $1,500.

If students are dependent, unmarried and younger than 21 and planning to go to an accredited college or university full-time in the fall for a four-year program they are eligible. But the students can be as old as 23 and still qualify if they have already enrolled full-time in a four-year program in an accredited university or college. The parents can be on active duty, or they can be in the reserves, or a guardsman, or a retiree. If the military parent has died, the surviving spouse is eligible for the scholarships for military children program. The student and their sponsor should be enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) database and they must have a military ID card to qualify. The application for the scholarships for military children program can be gotten at the local commissary that the military family shops at. A non-profit organization called Fisher House Foundations acts as administrator for the scholarships for military children. They decide the topic of the essay that prospective recipients of the scholarship must write and submit to their local commissary.

DECA Scholarships For Military Children: Scholarship Managers

Another national non-profit called Scholarship Managers are the ones who manage and award the actual DECA scholarships for military children. They will rate the essays to select the winners but also base their decisions on academic merit, and on involvement in extracurricular and volunteer activities. These DECA scholarships for military children are sponsored by public donations and by the manufacturers and suppliers that sell goods and services to the Defense Commissary Agency (DECA). The Fisher House Foundation volunteered to underwrite all the costs of running and administering the program so that no government money needs to be used to support it. That way every dollar donated can and does go directly into funding the scholarships.

The Defense Commissary Agency operates the commissaries that provide groceries and other goods at reduced cost to military personnel and their families all around the world. Depending on what’s available, each commissary will award at least $1,500. However, if for some reason the commissary doesn’t award the scholarship, perhaps because there is no one eligible at that location, then the money will be given to another store to be awarded as an additional scholarship.

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