Scholarships for Children of Military Veterans

Scholarships For Children

As a child of a military veteran, there are many programs, financial incentives. Scholarships for children of military veterans are an important benefit. College is an extremely important undertaking, not to mention rewarding, fulfilling. However, it is also extremely expensive. Fortunately there are a number of scholarships for military veterans AND their children, these scholarships designed specifically to show this country’s gratitude for their sacrifice. It is especially important to remember the children of our military, they are burdened with sometimes not seeing one or both of their parents for months at a time, as well as dealing with the constant worry that they might never see their parents again, once they’ve left for active duty.

One of the more well-known scholarships for scholarships for children of military veterans is the military commander scholarship fund. This particular scholarship is awarded by the American Logistics Association Awards. Three candidates are given five-thousand dollars each, to be used at an accredited four-year university. In order to qualify, the recipient must have a GPA of at least 3.5 and be an undergraduate. Students are picked based on their academic achievement, involvement in their local community, financial need, work experience; family dynamics.

Scholarships For Children of Military Veterans

Another of the well established scholarships for children of military is the Heroes Tribute Scholarship. Students of fallen soldiers both in active duty combat since September 2011 and those killed that day may qualify for the Heroes Tribute Scholarship. Selected candidates are given up to thirty-thousand dollars, to be spaced out for four years. Moreover, the child is required to attend an officially accredited college or technical/vocational setting.

Yet another of these amazing scholarships for children of military parents is the Dolphin Scholarship. For this scholarship, the student must be a high school senior or already graduated from an accredited four-year university. Other requirements, must be unwed, under the age of 24 during the year they apply. Another important stipulation, candidates will only be considered if the child’s parents were in the Navy Submarine Force, hence the name, Dolphin Scholarship Fund.

Another of these prestigious awards servicing scholarships for our military veterans’ children is the John Cornelius/Max English Memorial Scholarship. Any child of a former, reserve, honorably discharged, or reserve veteran can apply. As long as that child’s parents were in the Marine Corps Tank Unit(MCTA). This scholarship is for high school seniors, as well as undergraduates and those who’ve already graduated.

As one can see there are a vast number of scholarships available for children of military veterans. Each one is like the child itself, unique, capable of offering great treasures to the world around it. Moreover, these programs are designed to make sure each new generation of military families has as good a chance of success as the previous. Through random acts of generosity spanning the entire U.S., from the names fallen heroes, comes hope. It is ultimately up to the student however, what he or she chooses to do with such an extraordinary gift.

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