HACU: Scholarships for Hispanics in Engineering

Deciding on which college to choose is one of the biggest milestones in one’s life. Choosing the right college is a first step in building a successful career. Today, the future in engineering is one of the brightest and most promising. There are a lot of good engineering programs, but they are often pricey, and starting a life with baggage such as student loan debt is something everyone wishes to avoid. That is where scholarships come in handy. But what are your choices when picking a scholarship and what should you keep in mind while applying to them?

HACU: Scholarships For Hispanics In Engineering

There aren’t many Hispanic engineering students today. 16% of American population are Latinos, but only 6.2% of them decide to pursue a career in engineering. Because of that, there are more and more scholarships for Hispanics in engineering today. Many Hispanic societies award Latino students with scholarships, as well as scholarships for being Mexican, in all areas of expertise including engineering. The Professional Engineers of Latino organization has a foundation which annually gives more than half million dollars in scholarships for Hispanics in engineering majors. HACU (Hispanic Association of colleges and universities) is the best scholarship for students in desperate need for financial aid, and is well-known for providing for providing scholarships for being Mexican. In association with a Hispanic society, Google provides scholarships to future computer engineers. Also, General Electric in cooperation with a Latino organization annually gives away several Latino engineering scholarships. There is even an organization that offers scholarships to minorities and it is the most fruitful scholarship organization; every year almost 15% of all scholarships for being Hispanic are awarded by this organization.

HACU (Hispanic Association Of Colleges And Universities)

You will need different academic qualifications for every scholarship, but a good GPA is the main requirement. A student can apply for any scholarship for which they meet the specific terms, which means that you may get more than one scholarship per year if you work extra hard and do your research when looking for the perfect scholarship for your needs. The size of Latino engineering scholarships may vary from small amounts of $500 to an impressive $15,000.

There are many different and beautiful sides of engineering. Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering… All of these interesting areas of expertise offer a bright future and enriching careers. Unfortunately, pursuing these careers is very time-consuming and doesn’t leave much room for finishing your studies while simultaneously working a part-time job. This is why it is very important to choose your scholarship wisely. When applying you may do so via online applications. Many of these scholarships have the same application form, so there is no need for you to fill out the same form multiple times. Always contact your preferred scholarship foundation via email or telephone if you have any confusions or simply have a question.

These scholarship opportunities can lead you to great schools and bright futures. But fear not if you don’t get your preferred school! In these areas of expertise, the knowledge you collect is more important than the college that you attended. That is why the most important advice is to study hard and never give up. Good luck!

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