Free Grants for College in Texas

Texas Free Grants And Educational Funding

Texans are no different from the rest of the country in regards to the recent economic downturn. That is why many need help through free grants for college in Texas. Just as the state motto is “Don’t mess with Texas,” a potential student should not let these less than ideal circumstances mess with their education goals. There are many sources of free grants for college in Texas to those willing to put in the extra effort in seeking such opportunities. All it takes is a little knowledge of where to look coupled with an understanding of the technicalities inherit in the process. Free grants for college in Texas are a plentiful resource for educational assistance.

A great place to start looking may in fact be the grant which was created by the Texas legislature itself. It goes by the TEXAS acronym which stands for “Towards Excellence, Access and Success.” This particular money is set aside for high school students who have excelled in their learning environment but who may still need financial help in reaching their post-secondary dreams. There is also money available for those with associate degrees looking to reach higher. The grant may be quite competitive due to the large amount of excellent students in the state of Texas, but it is a great place to start looking if the applicant might possess some of those outstanding qualities.

 Free Grants For College In Texas

Elsewhere in Texas, a portion of the lottery proceeds is set aside for the purposes of supporting educational endeavors. An outstanding sum of over $15 billion dollars has been set specifically aside for Texas lottery school funding. The money goes to the general education fund which can then be tapped by suitable organizations providing need-based scholarships and grants. The Towards Excellence, Access and Success (TEXAS) program being one such organization. There have also been attempts at providing games specifically to profit higher education in what was termed the Texas HOPE initiative. Texas lottery school funding helps keep the money flowing to those students and school systems in need.

Texas makes use of a unique system termed the Texas school funding formula. In the simplest terms, it goes something like this:
Step 1: Calculate the Adjusted Allotment – This uses the basic allotment per student and adjusted it based on a cost of education index and district size
Step 2: Calculate the Tier 1 Entitlement – This gives weight to the different types of students in the district (normal, special education, vocational, etc.)
Step 3: Determine the State and Local Shares – Deduct the amount that the local system is responsible for

As one can see, the financial calculations can become quite complex. Texas necessarily has to ensure that the students receive the best possible education with the funds at its disposal. The Texas school funding formula is just one tool in the educational system that helps to solidify the numbers and deliver results to the students within the various districts of the state. The cost of educating and providing financial assistance is just government at work. For more information about Grants inside and outside of Texas, please visit

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