Scholarships for Hispanics Attending Graduate School

Scholarships for Hispanics Attending Graduate School

After graduation, you may find yourself looking into attending graduate school, but the big concern of how you will fund it is probably looming over your head. Don’t let it! There are many scholarships for Hispanics graduate school. These scholarship monies will help keep you from getting student loans for your graduate studies. You’re probably asking yourself where you can find scholarships for Hispanics graduate school, and the answer is starting with this guide.

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund is a great place to start your search. They have Hispanic American scholarships available for undergrad and graduate students. The graduate school scholarships vary from $1,000 up to $15,000. To qualify for this Hispanic American scholarships you must be a full-time graduate student, pursuing your first graduate degree and be a legal US citizen or qualifying noncitizens.

Hispanic American Scholarships

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund is only the beginning. and have entire sections of their website dedicated to scholarships for minorities. A quick search of these sites for scholarships for being latina brought up many scholarships for those looking to attend graduate school. These ranged from a one time $500 scholarships to a full ride at nearly any university of your choosing. There is also an entire section for scholarships for being Latina at These scholarships for being latina will help you one your way to leaving graduate school debt free. has a listing of over 50 scholarships available to Hispanics for university and graduate school. As with most listings, the scholarship amount varies from as little as $100, which is one less book you have to pay for out of pocket, to as much as a full ride with an internship and a guaranteed job when you graduate. Now that is a scholarship!

The scholarship opportunities listed above all have varying requirements. Some of the scholarships are based on financial need, others are based on your academic success. Some of these scholarships are based on your history of community involvement and leadership. They are looking for the leaders of tomorrow. When applying for these scholarships, be prepared to sell yourself and why you are the best candidate for the scholarship.

There are a lot of Hispanic Americans looking for scholarship opportunities for graduate work and you want to set yourself apart. Be ready with a few different essays to submit with your application and tell the scholarship committees why they should want to invest in you. These committees want to fund the future, and with a post graduate education they feel you are more likely to be a leader in your community, city, state or country.

The sites listed above will give you a running start on paying for your graduate work. While you should apply for every scholarship listed above that applies to you, don’t stop there! There are other scholarships listed online as well as in your local community. Every scholarship, even the small ones will bring you one step closer to paying for graduate school and achieving financial independence when you enter the workforce.

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