The Scholarships for a 2.0 GPA Graduate

Scholarships for a 2.0 GPA

When it come to scholarships or other types of financial aid for education, most people focus on the special requirements that they need to have before considering to apply for it. Most of the time, the first thing that comes across their minds is the high GPA score requirements. That is not merely the only thing that matters anymore, today, even an average student with an average GPA may have the opportunity to be awarded a lucrative scholarship award. In addition to that, some other factors such as financial need, group affiliation, and civic achievement in an extracurricular activity are also taken widely into consideration.

The scholarships for a 2.0 GPA considers some other important factors besides the high academic achievement like the student’s performance in arts, sports and many others. Therefore, for those with a 2.0 GPA can still be proud of themselves as with their average academic achievement, they still have the chance to get plenty of help in paying the college or university tuition.

scholarships for a 2.0 GPA

College GPA Requirements 2014

These days, more and more scholarships and other forms of financial aid are awarded to many students throughout the country. Scholarships have become the best solution so far in order to overcome their annual tuition issues. On the downside, the increasing number of the students who apply for the scholarships makes the requirements tighter and the selection process more competitive than ever before. Obviously the student with an excellent academic record usually has better chance to be awarded a scholarship. However, the scholarships for a 2.0 GPA are expected to help out the rest of the students who have non-academic or average excellence. There is a number of the scholarships for 2.0 GPA available for you out there if you spend more time to look for them. Keep on reading this article to find out more about some of the scholarships.

Sweet Diggity Dawg Zinch Scholarship

The first scholarship for a 2.0 GPA would be the Sweet Diggity Dawg Zinch Scholarship. As it is one of the scholarships that requires 2.0 GPA, any student in senior high school will be encouraged to apply. Go visit Zinch website ( to find out more about it. You will be competing with some other students to win the $20,000 scholarship award.

American Indian Education Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships

The American Indian Education Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships are included as another set of scholarships that do not put a high academic record as the most important requirement criteria. As long as you are an American Indian or Alaska native, you will have the chance to be awarded this scholarships.

Scholarships for a 2.0 GPA Graduate

College Scholarships for Students With a 2.0 GPA

Farris Foundation Scholarship

The other scholarship for 2.0 GPA is the Farris Foundation Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded by the Farris Foundation for the senior high school graduates with a 2.0 GPA. The qualified high school students will be awarded by a $5,000 scholarship for the tuition expenses in one academic year. For those with a four-year study in an undergraduate institution, this scholarship from the Farris Foundation could be renewed annually. However, the college or the university should be accredited. This scholarship could be very useful for paying a number of education expenses such as books, room, board, fees and the college or university tuition. When the qualified individuals wish to renew the scholarship, they should demonstrate at least a 2.0 GPA.

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