IUPUI Scholarships: Great Form Of Financial Aid

IUPUI Scholarships: Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Every year over $8 million in IUPUI scholarships and financial aid monies are awarded to thousands of students to help support their educational needs. IUPUI scholarships have been awarded to continuing and freshman students for many years. The scholarships have been give to recognize leadership, extracurricular involvement, academic achievement, potential for future performance and community services. Freshman IUPUI scholarships are typically performance-based, however, some will take into account the financial needs of a student.

As an incoming freshman, there are many ways to apply for a scholarship. Some of the ways require an application and some are simply awarded to students automatically during the admissions application process. Competitive scholarships include those dependent on H.S. GPA and SAT/ACT scores. Additionally, some available scholarships are offered to honor students or those attending specific academic schools and departments like Engineering and Technology, the School of Science and Herron School of Art.

IUPUI Scholarships: Great Form Of Financial Aid

When applying for an IUPUI scholarship, it is important for students to keep in mind that the SAT writing section of the test will not be used for scholarship eligibility. IUPUI is still determining how to fairly assess the SAT writing section. Therefore, SAT scores for scholarship eligibility will only represent the critical reading and math sections.

Students applying for IUPUI scholarships must meet the scholarship deadline and also have applied for admission to IUPUI. To make sure that a student is eligible for the available scholarships, apply as early as possible. If a student is currently deciding whether he or she should apply to IUPUI, there are many reasons to become an IUPUI student. The university has the largest population of professional and graduate students than any other Indiana university. It also offers students more than 180 undergraduate majors to choose from and the most diverse ethnic student body within the Indiana University system. These factors will definitely offer students a more well-rounded educational life experience. Additionally, each IUPUI class has about 25 students less than other campuses offering every IUPUI student more personal attention.

IUPUI scholarships are usually awarded between fall and spring semesters and are credited to a student’s account. Any remaining balance can be used for other educational fees like books. Additionally, any student who has been awarded a scholarship can set up a direct deposit to his or her checking accounts to ensure faster access to the money. Receiving IUPUI scholarships can and will help ease the monetary burden of receiving a great education.

While being awarded an IUPUI scholarship is definitely a wonderful benefit, if a student receives a scholarship that exceeds the academic tuition and additional fees he or she will most likely need to learn more about possible tax liability to account for the monetary difference. Therefore, it is advised that students in this position should consult the IRS website for more details and specific information.

To receive more information regarding IUPUI scholarships feel free to call the Office of Student Scholarships at (317) 274-5516. You may also visit the campus or email the office at escholar@iupui.edu. Or even visit their official website online.

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