Morehead Cain Scholarship

Morehead Cain Scholarship

The Morehead Cain Scholarship is available at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This scholarship is named after John Motley Morehead III and Gordon and Mary Cain. Mr. Morehead was born on November 3, 1870 and he died in January 7, 1965. He was a chemist, an inventor and a philanthropist. Morehead graduated from the University of North Carolina with a B.S. degree in chemical engineering in 1891. John gave the school $1 million to build a planetarium. He believed strongly in assisting college students financially. Today, the Morehead Cain Scholarship provides financial assistance for undergraduate students and graduate students.

Gordon Arbuthnot Cain and Mary Hancock Cain, Gordon was born on May 31, 1912 and he died on October 22, 2002. He is outlived by his wife Mary. Mary is a scholarship philanthropist and art collector. Mr. Gordon graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in chemical engineering. Gordon was a very smart business person that specialized in turning around troubled companies. If a chemical company was in trouble, Gordon was the guy that could run the company in the right direction. Investment bankers loved him. Today, the Gordon and Mary Cain Foundation donate money for social projects, health projects, and education.

In 2007, The John Motley Morehead Foundation and The Gordon and Mary Cain Foundation were renamed The Morehead Cain Foundation after the school received a $100 million donation from the Cain family. Students can receive four-year grants at the university. The Morehead-Cain scholarship promises students free tuition, free housing, free meals, free books, a free laptop, no student fees. There are also other expenses such as supplies and miscellaneous expenses that are also fully covered under the Morehead Cain scholarship.

The scholarship program offers four years of college that are fully funded. The program gives students the opportunity to connect with contacts outside the university. For example, under the Morehead-Cain scholarship, the Summer Enrichment Program exposes students to outdoor leadership. The students also learn about public service, inquiry and exploration and private enterprise.

Morehead Cain Requirements

There are requirements for all students that are applying for the Morehead Cain scholarship. First, all applicants must be on track to graduate in the spring. Next, the candidate must be unmarried and have no children. Students that live in North Carolina, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and students around the world are encouraged to apply for this grant.The Morehead Cain scholarship is helping students based on merit and not financial need.

To be selected, students must demonstrate specific skills and abilities. You must have a moral force of character. This means that the candidate must be mature and generous. He or she should also be able to show acts of integrity, humility, bravery and empathy. Educators want to see more than grades and test scores; they are looking for individuals that have a desire for continuous learning. Applicants must also display leadership that shows guts and accomplishment.

Clearly, obtaining the Morehead Cain scholarship is not an easy task. However, the opportunity does exist for all potential students to apply and give it their best shot.

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